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Competitive Pokemon GTS Distribution - Setting Up Tutorial

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!!!For people having problems connecting to GTS!!!

Only if you are setting up your 'OWN' GTS

***This is for people who are struggling to use HyperGTS or ir-gts***

***This is a post in response to 'Competitive Pokemon GTS Distribution' Thread created by Bond697, it is suggested to read that post first!***

***I am merely creating a tutorial for people who dont know how to do it, all thanks are given to Bond697 for creating the thread**

Download HyperGTS or ir-gts from Bond697's thread: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11627-Competitive-Pokemon-GTS-Distribution-Thread

Download DNS_Server_v0.3+src from his first page, you need this in order for either HyperGTS or ir-GTS to work.

Open DNS_server.exe

** If you get a pink warning saying unable to get public IP, input your own ipv4 address and press enter. Press 'Y' for automatic switching. Then 'Y' again to use your own internal IP.

(You should have already opened port 53 and 80 in your Modem Port Settings, but i dont think this really matter since you are connecting to your own IP)

Put your Computer's IP in your DS wireless settings (same IP you use for the pink warning, if you did get it). It should be put as your 'Primary DNS' on wireless settings.

Now put your .pkm file(s) to 'PKMs' folder inside the HyperGTS if your are using HyperGTS. Or 'Pokemon' folder inside ir-gts if you're using ir-gts. Open HyperGTS application, or if your using ir-GTS open gts.py (its .py because you need Python CLI, so download it from Bond697's thread).

To use HyperGTS -

1. Click 'Send Pokemon:' then 'all from folder' radio button.

2. Then click 'Start GTS' button.

3. Now you're ready to use GTS in Goldenrod.

*If you plan on sending pokemon from your game to your PC then You need to use ir-gts, download from Bond697's thread.

To use ir-GTS -

1. It should say 'Please set up your DS's DNS server to (whatever your IPv4 address is)'

2. Press 's' to send pokemon to game.

3. Press 'r' to send 1 pokemon from game to your PC. It will put it in the 'Pokemon' folder.

Or press 'm' if you require to send more than one pokemon from your game to PC.

* I have been informed by Bond697

that you dont need to turn on the DNS_server app to get ir-gts to work, but you can still turn it on if you want to track IP's/outgoings

Now go to Goldenrod's GTS. Talk to the girl. Wait for your DS to connect to your private GTS Server.

That should be it.

*Feel Free to ask any questions*

*If you have any suggestions or I've missed something out, again feel free to reply*

*Thanks for Bond697's Thread, so if your thankful for this thread then go to his thread and say thanks there cuz he deserved it*

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ok i did everything for the hyper gts. and when i go in to the gts in the game. i get the 52100 error. it connects and then disconnects. i put my local ip first. then i tried it again wwith my public ip. idk what to do.

EDIT: ok i fixed my error but i only have the internal ip working. how do i test to see if my public ip is working? must i try it on a diff ds with diff wifi. because i tried it on my mine and it connects then quickly disconnects. and my firewall has allowed all public & private ips.

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If you did it right or if you want to download from Bond697's GTS server, this is what you should do/will happen:

1. When you connect to your private GTS server, it should come up with an error message. That is fine.

2. Go back to the Wi-Fi settings in the game after you have saved. (Soft reset to get there quickly. L+R+Start+Select.)

3. Go back to the DNS settings and change it to auto-obtain. Save settings and soft-reset.

4. Log in to the normal GTS, exit, save, soft-reset, CHANGE your DNS settings back to what you had it on before you Logged into the normal GTS.

5. Go to the GTS and talk to the lady at the counter, Save and go inside.

6. Now when you go INSIDE the GTS, a text box will say: "Checking GTS' status or something like that. After a while, you will get your Pokemon. However, after you receive it, when you would normally go to the GTS menu, you get an error screen and it takes you back to the title menu. This is perfectly normal.

7. The Pokemon should now be in the first available slot in your PC.

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