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Competitive Pokemon GTS Distribution Thread

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I'm not sure as to whether or not this is off topic, but I was wondering how you convert event Pokemon into files. HyperGTS doesn't allow Pokemon with event ribbons to be transferred, so I was just curious about this.

hypergts definitely allows them to be transferred. how else would i give them out? it doesn;t worjk the same as the normal GTS when transferring out. if that was true and it did function the same way, i wouldn't have been able to distribute shiny manaphy, shiny jirachi, shiny celebi, or shiny arceus. and yes, a flash card and pokegen.

you have a PM, moonrays.

e: again, no pkms for the christmas giveaway. there's already at least one jirachi in the normal PKMs.rar, anyway.

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can someone check the All Nature Ditto in the xmas.rar? The ones i download are all Docile.

I just checked them, (ok sampled 5 or 6) the nature matches. PM me if there is one in particular that you want.

Edit: Lol Bond you ever sleep? =D

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ok, everything is changed out. no list or updated pkms.rar until tomorrow, though. minecraft beta 1.2 is out and i wanna go play! music boxes! dyed wool! squid!

Lol. You sound exactly like my little brother with his Minecraft craze. Thanks for the new pokes, but I'll wait til tomorrow when the list is up to download... helps keep me organized on what I've gotten/ still need. Have fun playing!

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