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Pokémon Sun & Moon, UltraSun & UltraMoon (ENG,ESP & JPN) 100% ALL Shiny 6 IVs Nintendo 3DS 1.0.0

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About This File

Pokémon Sun & Moon, UltraSun & UltraMoon (ENG,ESP & JPN) 100% ALL Shiny

All shiny, Level 100 from 1 to 807

Name Trainer: ERNESTO/エルネスト (ENG,ESP & JPN)

TID: 1285

SID: 071192

HP:  31

Atk: 31

Def: 31

SpA: 31 or 24

SpD: 31

Spe: 31

Pokémon Gen 1

Articuno Shiny Square

Zapdos   Shiny Square

Moltres  Shiny Square

Mewtwo   Shiny Square

Mew      Shiny Square

Pokémon Gen 2

All UNOWN Shiny Normal

Raikou **

Entei *** Colosseum/XD Shiny Square

Suicune *

Lugia     Shiny Square

Ho-oH     Shiny Square    

Celebi/セレビィ Ageto/アゲト NO SHINY

Ageto Celebi comes from the Bonus Disc for the Japanese Pokemon Colosseum.


Level: 10

Ability: Natural Cure(1)

HP:  31

Atk: 31

Def: 31

SpA: 31

SpD: 31

Spe: 31

Move 1: Confusion

Move 2: Recover

Move 3: Heal Bell

Move 4: Safeguard

Pokémon Gen 3

Regirock   Shiny Square

Regice     Shiny Square

Registeel  Shiny Square

Latias     Shiny Square

Latios     Shiny Square

Kyogre     Shiny Square

Groudon    Shiny Square

Rayquaza   Shiny Square

Jirachi    Shiny Square

Deoxys     Shiny Square

Pokémon Gen 4

Uxie       Shiny Square

Mesprit    Shiny Square

Azelf      Shiny Square

Dialga     Shiny Square

Palkia     Shiny Square

Heatran    Shiny Square

Regigigas  Shiny Square

Giratina   Shiny Square

Cresselia  Shiny Square

Phione     Shiny Square

Manaphy    Shiny Square  (Pokémon Ranger)

Darkrai    Shiny Square

Shaymin    Shiny Square (Land/Sky) (ENG,ESP & JPN)

Arceus     NO SHINY      (Pokémon Movie 09) (JPN)

Pokémon Gen 5

Cobalion  Shiny Square

Terrakion Shiny Square

Virizion  Shiny Square

Tornadus  Shiny Square (Incarnate/Therian)

Thundurus Shiny Square (Incarnate/Therian)

Reshiram  NO SHINY (Pokémon Movie 11) (JPN)

Zekrom    NO SHINY (Pokémon Movie 11) (JPN)

Landorus  Shiny Square (Incarnate/Therian)

Kyurem    Shiny Square

Keldeo    NO SHINY (Ordinary/Resolute)(Pokémon Movie 12) (JPN)

Meloetta  NO SHINY (Pokémon Movie 12) (JPN)

Genesect  Shiny Square (Pokémon Movie 13)(Pokémon Center/P2ラボ) (JPN)

Pokémon Gen 6

Greninja (Ash/サトシ)(Battle Bond) (ENG,ESP & JPN)

Furfrou Shiny Square (Heart/Star/Diamond/Debutante/Matron/Dandy/La Reine/Kabuki/Pharaoh) (ENG)

Xerneas Shiny Square (the Pokémon cartoon) (JPN)

Yveltal Shiny Square (the Pokémon cartoon) (JPN)

Zygarde (the Pokémon cartoon) (JPN) Shiny Square (10%/10%-C)(50%/50%-C) (ENG)

Diancie Shiny Square (a Pokémon Center) (JPN)

Hoopa   (Pokémon Movie 15) (Confined/Unbound) (JPN)

Volcanion (Pokémon Movie 16) (JPN)

Pokémon Gen 7

Tapu Koko Shiny Square (Melemele) (ENG)

Tapu Lele Shiny Square (Akala) (ENG)

Tapu Bulu Shiny Square (Ula-Ula) (ENG)

Tapu Fini Shiny Square (Poni) (ENG)



Solgaleo  Shiny Square (Eclipse) (ENG)

Lunala    Shiny Square (Eclipse) (ENG)

Nihilego  Shiny Square

Buzzwole  Shiny Square

Pheromosa Shiny Square

Xurkitree Shiny Square

Celesteela Shiny Square

Kartana   Shiny Square

Guzzlord  Shiny Square

Necrozma  Shiny Square (a lovely place)(ひみつ) (JPN)

Magearna (a lovely place)

Marshadow (2017 Pokémon Movie)(テンセイざん) (JPN)

Poipole   Shiny Square (a lovely place)(Ultra)

Naganadel Shiny Square (a lovely place)(Ultra)

Stakataka Shiny Square

Blacephalon Shiny Square

Zeraora (2018 Pokémon Movie)(フウラシティ) (JPN)

Edited by ERNESTO JG

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