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Pokémon Platinum (ENG,ESP & JPN) 100% ALL Shiny 6 IVs Nintendo DS & Nintendo DS Lite 1.0.0

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Pokémon Platinum (ENG,ESP & JPN) 100% ALL Shiny

All shiny, Level 100 from 1 to 493

Nintendo DS (Console)(.sav)(512 KB), Nintendo DS Lite (Console)(.sav)(512 KB), DeSmuME (Windows)(.dsv)(513 KB), melonDS (Android)(.sav), DraStic DS Emulator (Android), R4 DS Card, R4i Gold, R4 SDHC.

Original & Copy (Reproductions & Bootleg) Cartridge

Name Trainer: ERNESTO/エルネスト (ENG,ESP & JPN)

TID: 00711

SID: 38135

HP:   31
Atk:  31
Def:  31
SpA: 31 or 24
SpD: 31
Spe:  31

Pokémon Gen 1

Articuno  Shiny Square
Zapdos    Shiny Square
Moltres    Shiny Square
Mewtwo   Shiny Square
Mew         Shiny Square

Pokémon Gen 2

All UNOWN Shiny Normal

Raikou **
Entei *** Colosseum/XD Shiny Square
Suicune *
Lugia      Shiny Square
Ho-oH    Shiny Square    

Celebi/セレビィ Ageto/アゲト NO SHINY

Ageto Celebi comes from the Bonus Disc for the Japanese Pokemon Colosseum.


Level: 10

Ability: Natural Cure(1)

HP:  31
Atk: 31
Def: 31
SpA: 31
SpD: 31
Spe: 31

Move 1: Confusion
Move 2: Recover
Move 3: Heal Bell
Move 4: Safeguard

Pokémon Gen 3

Regirock   Shiny Square
Regice      Shiny Square
Registeel  Shiny Square
Latias       Shiny Square
Latios      Shiny Square
Kyogre     Shiny Square
Groudon    Shiny Square
Rayquaza   Shiny Square
Jirachi      Shiny Square
Deoxys     Shiny Square
Deoxys Atk  Shiny Square
Deoxys Def  Shiny Square
Deoxys Spe  Shiny Square

Pokémon Gen 4

Uxie           Shiny Square
Mesprit      Shiny Square
Azelf          Shiny Square
Dialga        Shiny Square (Lv.1 Sinjoh Ruins)
Palkia         Shiny Square (Lv.1 Sinjoh Ruins)
Heatran     Shiny Square
Regigigas  Shiny Square (Lv.1 Snowpoint Temple)
Giratina     Shiny Square (Lv.1 Sinjoh Ruins)
Cresselia    Shiny Square
Phione       Shiny Square
Manaphy    Shiny Square (Pokémon Ranger)
Darkrai      Shiny Square (Newmoon Island)
Shaymin    Shiny Square (Flower Paradise)
Arceus       NO SHINY     (Pokémon Movie 09) (JPN)


Level: 100

Ability: Multitype (1)

HP:   31
Atk:  31
Def:  31
SpA: 31
SpD: 31
Spe:  31

Move 1: Judgment
Move 2: Roar of Time
Move 3: Spacial Rend
Move 4: Shadow Force

Thanks to the creators of these tools/Gracias a los creadores de estas herramientas.

Used tools:

PKHeX By @Kaphotics


PokeFinder By @theSLAYER


How to redeem any desired shiny / spread CHANNEL Jirachi


Pokémon Ranger Mission Injector BY @King Impoleon


Managing NDS Saves


Edited by ERNESTO JG

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