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Pokemon XG: NeXt Gen 1.2.1

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Main Features:

  • Physical/Special Split
  • Gen VII type matchup chart including fairy type
  • New set of shadow pokemon and other obtainable pokemon
  • Over 100 Shadow Pokemon
  • Over 50 Shadow Moves
  • Over 75 Wild Pokemon
  • Moves and abilities from later generations
  • Mostly Gen VII Game Mechanics
  • More challenging opponents

How to patch your ROM:



The UPS program Tsukuyomi is unable to patch the ISO. Use NUPS if on windows. Use Multipatch on Mac.

Apply the patch file to a clean Pokemon XD: Gale of darkness ROM using any UPS patcher. Newer versions of the NUPS patcher give an error saying the system ran out of memory. Find an older version of NUPS or use an online UPS patcher. This patch was made for the NTSC (US) version so it will not work on other versions. The ISO is quite large so it may take a few minutes.

Always patch onto a clean ISO, even if you are applying an update.

The file size for the ISO should be 1.46 GB (1.35 GiB). If it's a ciso it can't be converted back to the regular iso. If it's an nkit (1.1. GB) ISO then you'll need to convert to a regular ISO using this tool. Drag and drop the ISO onto the program called "ConvertToISO". Once it has finished the full ROM with the correct file size will be in the folder called "Processed". Apply the patch to that ROM.

If the file size is below 1GB it's probably in a .zip, .7z, .rar or other archive and needs to be unzipped.  


Known Bugs:

  • Multi-turn moves charge forever. Solar beam only works in sun
  • The move relearner says it costs 1000 coupons per move, it actually costs 5
  • Sometimes when trying to teach a pokemon a tutor move it says its already learned. You can ignore this and it works fine.
  • Solar power doesn't hurt the user
  • You can't use Battle CDs (yet)
  • Pokemon don't become grounded after using roost


If you have questions about XG, modding gamecube/wii pokemon games or just want to chat with like-minded fans then join us on discord here

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What's New in Version 1.2.1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Hey, really enjoying the game so far, but I having a problem where Miror B. just isn't in the Cave pokespot and I can't progress the story. I enter and the Miror Radar is already just on the ground, and there is no battle. Tried restarting my save file from scratch, but it just happened again. Any ideas?



Edit: I redownloaded the latest update, and that fixed it, so never mind

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Ayo Star it's been a bit you had helped me a bit last time when I had a shit pc, I got a m17 now and I was setting up settings, had ended up deleting the game by accident but now I can't seem to find any working iso for the ups patch, Please Please Please help me fam I'll throw you some dono

my number is 4704391130 snap is makerssmark, jus please help me im pulling my hair out trying to get my childhood to work. its about to make me cry honestly i've spent 3 hours at least so far today. thank you.

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Great game, but is there any way to fix pokemon iv or natures in the game? It's really hard to get mons with the right iv + the right nature because the majority are one of a kind  due to no breeding mechanics in the game. So it becomes pretty impossible to try to soft-reset farm good iv because to even check the iv you need to catch the pokemon first, create a seperate save file before catching so that you can use a replacement if the mons has bad stats, and then need to use pkhex to check the mon's stats to see if they are decent enough or not.

And since pkhex doesn't work with custom games like xg, is there any way in the game itself to fix up bad ivs of a mon?

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