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Pokémon Ranger - Shadows of Almia 1.0.0

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(All saves have been given the Event missions through the Mission Injection Tool by sinbad.the.saile)

Start them in the Main Menu -> Ranger Net -> Play a New Mission

Save 1: Beginning:

Kellyn has learned how to capture Pokémon on his first day at the Ranger school.

His fellow classmates have organised a challenge, in which he must find 4 capture stylers and bring them into the cellar.

He has found all 4 capture stylers, but something is going on in the cellar...

Save 2: Rookie mission: Soothe Pokémon on the beach!

Calm down the Munchlax, Starly and Pachirisu threatening the beach boys' girlfriend!


Save 3: Mission 1: Deliver Vien Tribune!

Kellyn has graduated and is about to receive his official Ranger uniform and his first mission!


Save 4: Strange Machines in Pueltown: After Kellyn has dealt with the terrible fire, that engulfed Vien Forest, he is given the mission to accompany and aid Luana in Pueltown...


Save 5: Teacher: Now, that Team Dimsun's first set of plans have stopped, there may be a little time to rest for Kellyn. He has been asked to attend one lesson at the Ranger school to answer students' questions!


Save 6: Top Ranger: For all of his recent accomplishments, Kellyn has been promoted to the rank of the 11th Top Ranger, a rank, which only 12 have obtained in the entire world! Head for the Chroma Ruins in the North-East of Almia!


Save 7: Blue Gem Guardian: Prove your worth to the Guardian of the Blue Gem!


Save 8: Red Gem Guardian: Prove your worth to the Guardian of the Red Gem! Watch out for any boulders!


Save 9: Yellow Gem Guardian: Prove your worth to the Guardian of the Yellow Gem!


Save 10: Eternal Darkness of Almia: Kellyn must prevent the world from being engulfed by darkness! Defeat Darkrai at all costs!


Save 11: Postgame:

Capture Area cleared;

Ranger Dex completed on Class S;

All Quests complete; Door to Regigigas within Haruba Temple has been opened;

Celebi has restored Puel Forest;

Event missions complete but can be redone without any limit.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You can technically unlock the Event Missions, with Wi-Fi, right now. YouTube Explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbsY_illQms

(You need Hotspot from a Phone or PC and your 3ds/2ds)


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