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Pokémon Y 1.0.0

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All 721 Pokémon are available and legal, with a few shinies.

Bags are always filled with 750 of all items.


(I used Pokémon Y, Pokémon X is also compatible though.)

Pokémon Y:

Save 1: Beginning: Ready for a new Pokémon Y adventure! (Starter not chosen).

Save 2: Shauna's Fireworks: As a reward for having found the Furfrou, Calem and Shauna receive a romantic Firework display....as well as the Pokéflute to awaken the sleeping Snorlax on Route 7...


Save 3: Mega Evolution: Calem is presented the opportunity to attain Mega Evolution, a new discovery, which alongside the recent discovery of the fairy-typing may change the world's understanding of Pokémon...


Save 4: End of the World: Lysandre, the head of Lysandre labs and the inventor of the Holo Caster has revealed himself to be the Leader of Team Flare!

He intends to destroy the corrupt and ugly world in order to begin anew, by using the ultimate weapon and Yveltal's Infinity Energy!

(There is an old man in the house closest to the Anistar City gym, who requests a level 5 Pokémon.

I have an Eevee prepared, which you can give him...return after defeating the Pokémon League...)

image.png.9ca33356764ad9fbc85a08974d9731de.png      image.png.973f07f8f85ba2e0bb68716467cb0ad1.png


Save 5: Yveltal's Awakening: As Calem approaches Yveltal's Cocoon, within the Heart of Team Flare's base, he has an epiphany...Professor Sycamore mentioned that Yveltal awakens from its' cocoon every 3000 years and AZ mentioned the war occurred 3000 years ago. What if Team Flare revealed their true intentions upon this exact day to coincide with Yveltals' Awakening?

...To Calems' horror his theory is proven correct as he hears both the door closing behind him and the cocoon opening! Calem gets ready to confront the Pokémon of Destruction Incarnate!


Save 6: Celebration!: Calem is about to face the Kalos Champion! After his victory there will be a parade within Lumiose city. AZ intends to attend...


Save 7: Champion: Calem has become the Champion of Kalos! He could aid Looker capture the Last Team Flare Member: The scientist Xerosic!

(Lumiose train station - Kiloude City - participate in the Battle Maison once - fight Serena in the north of Town - Anistar city sun dial - take one step in Lumiose City)

Image result for looker pokemon image.jpeg.16e8d00aefb210fdbe74d7c42a900cdc.jpeg Image result for pokemon xerosic

Save 8: Postgame: Calem has aided Looker and Emma capture Xerosic and establish Emma as the protector of Kalos!

(...There is an old man in the house closest to the Anistar City gym, who requested a level 5 Pokémon. An Eevee was given to him, you can now retrieve it)



Pokémon teams based on: 



(Useful Batch Editor tips

In PKHex go to tools->data->batch editor->copy paste the text below:

.OT_Gender= (0 for male; 1 for female) ; .OT_Name= (your name) ; .OT_Friendship=255 ; .IsNicknamed= (true/false)

.Language=(1=Japanese, 2=English, 3=French, 4=Italian, 5=German, 6=Spanish, 7=Korean) (be aware of some event Pokémon being of a certain language; mostly English)

Edited by VictorV111

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


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