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Pokémon Soulsilver 1.0.0

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All 493 Pokémon are available and legal, with a few shinies.

Bags are always filled with 750 of all items.

(Event Pokémon included, so that you can experience event cutscenes as well.)

Pokémon SoulSilver: 

Save 1: Beginning: Ready for a new Pokémon SoulSilver adventure! (Starter not chosen; Rival unnamed)

Save 2: Johto Complete; Ready for the Kanto Region!

Save 3: Postgame: Ready for the Gymleader Rematch in the Saffron Dojo. Ethan is on Mount Silver, ready to face Red!

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You want Gen 4 Online Features to work right now and receive Gen 4 Event Pokémon? YouTube Explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbsY_illQms

(You need Hotspot from a Phone or PC and your 3ds/2ds)

image.png.8a787cfe5ece06e32e485c6f24dffdde.png 1039725450_zz.png.d342bd964ead5da42a52c53c7be6086c.png

Vs. Red Sprite by ITheRealPikachuv2

(Enigma Stone Available)


Save 4: Silver Battle Frontier!: Ethan is one participation away from challenging each of the Battle Frontier Brains! He may be able to win all the Silver Symbols!


Save 5: Gold Battle Frontier!: Ethan is one participation away from challenging each of the Battle Frontier Brains! He may be able to win all the Gold Symbols!




Pokémon teams based on: 



(Useful Batch Editor tips

In PKHex go to tools->data->batch editor->copy paste the text below:

.OT_Gender= (0 for male; 1 for female) ; .OT_Name= (your name) ; .OT_Friendship=255 ; .IsNicknamed= (true/false)

.Language=(1=Japanese, 2=English, 3=French, 4=Italian, 5=German, 6=Spanish, 7=Korean) (be aware of some event Pokémon being of a certain language; mostly English)

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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If you have a 3DS/DS/DSi etc. and a copy of Heartgold/Soulsilver you can use Homebrew and Checkpoint to load a savefile into your game.

There are installation guides on YouTube on how to install Homebrew and Checkpoint.

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That has never happened to me before, but I also only own a 3ds.

I can only recommend:

1. backing up your own save onto a pc (if you have your own save)

2. load one of my saves with Checkpoint (or an equivalent save loading app for your dsi).

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