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Pocket Monster Sun Moon Anime Alolan Sandshrew ᅟᅟᅟ

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About This File

This event was distributed to players with a Korean 3DS via a common password (serial code),
to commemorate the airing of the first episode of Pocket Monster Sun & Moon (Anime) on their Daekyo Children's TV (대교 어린이 TV) channel.

The common code was shown during the broadcast, on May 9th 2017, at 18:00 KST.
The common code is 2ALOLAFORM7

The end date was original May 31, 2017, but it was extended.

 Species   Sandshrew (Alola) 
 Nickname   (default, save lang) 
 OT   썬문 
 TID   170502 
 Distribution   Serial Code 
 Location   a lovely place 
 Dates   May 09 - Jun 30, 2017 
 PID   Cannot Be Shiny 
 Games   KO: SM 
  Cherish Ball Lv. 10  
 Nature   Random 
 Ability   Snow Cloak (1) 
 Item   None 
 Bundled Item   None 
  Moves   (Relearn will be Bold)
  Rapid Spin Rapid Spin   Ice Ball Ice Ball
  Powder Snow Powder Snow   Bide Bide
  WC ID 1108: 「모래두지(알로라의 모습) 선물」's receiving text
 0x35 Thank you for watching the Pokémon animation! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.
모래두지(알로라의 모습) 선물
「포켓몬스터 썬&문」 TV방송을 기념해서
포켓몬을 선물합니다!

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@ThePokemonfan & @honcoop91 theres a difference between "Reviews" and "Comments"

I can't reply directly to reviews, so do use the comments in the future.

@ThePokemonfan the Serial Code only work for Korean (KO) 3DSes.

@honcoop91 show a screenshot of the problem, I'm able to download it on my end.
To indicate what browser and PC system you're using also

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