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Classic: Link Mew ᅠ

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About This File

The story behind this preservation effort is a pretty amazing one.

Before we go on, standard disclaimer:

However, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy playing these Pokemon in our games.
Now, it's time to for a trip down memory lane, fellow players.

In 1999 and 2000, @Tripred was able to obtain 14 Official Event Mews,
from the US Mall Tours for Pokemon Trading Card Game (1999) and Pokemon Stadium / Pokemon Movie (2000).

These are all legitimate Mews from Pokemon Mall events that happened in 1999 for the launch of the Pokemon TCG,
and then in 2000 for the Pokemon First Movie and Pokemon Stadium launch.

You would insert your Gen1 cartridge into a machine, while promo staff would fill out a paper "Certificate of Authenticity" for your personal Mew.
The Trainer names are LUIGE or LINKW.
The Trainer ID is generated sequentially from the Mew distribution machine.
The first Mew from a machine is 00001, the second 00002, 00003, so on.

The LUIGE Mews came from a Pokemon TCG event in 1999, where Tripred made friends with a Nintendo rep named Jeremy Hepworth.
He traded these two, numbers 00012 and 00014 to us.

The story as Tripred remember it was that the machines were scheduled to go on tour but had technical difficulties.
He had snagged these two (and the certificates of authenticity) during some testing runs.
The LINKW Mews came from a Summer 2000 Mall Event in Arlington, TX promoting Pokemon Stadium and the 2000 movie.
They had four of the machines running simultaneously for a huge line of people. Once the lines died off as Tripred went through the machines and got 12 of them.
@suloku wanted to know if Tripred remembered anything about the Mews, like trainer ID or stats.
He is documenting as much as he can about all of the different events and their Pokemon.
Luckily, what Tripred had for him is much, much better.

Back in the late 90's I worked for a KB ToyWorks store. 
Tripred's weekend duties included playing Pokemon TCG with kids, and promoting Pokemon in all ways.
Supported by Wizards of the Coast with tons of materials, it was a blast.
During that gig, Tripred ended up buying a save backup cart for his Game Boy, and started cloning these event Mews for the kids.

So when Suloko asked, I dug up all my Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow carts and the save backup carts, and started pulling the Mews together. I
Tripred found six of them on a Blue save, and found another six sitting in Pokemon Stadium 1.
And the last two were in a box on Stadium 2. He was able to shuffle all of the Mews to one Stadium Cart, and through much trickery, get them onto a fresh Pokemon Yellow save.

Using a Retron 5, copied the save from the Pokemon Yellow cart onto my SD card.
(Tripred will post a youtube video with instructions on backing up cart saves using Retron 5 as a follow up, really neat way to preserve your retro saves)
Now Tripred gifts these Mews to Suloku, and to all of you.
Tripred hopes these Mews provide useful information, thank you for reading, and please let me know what kind of information or data you pull from the save!

Big thanks to tripred and suloku!

Read the original preservation article here,
and original thread:

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