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Unreleased/Beta PKM Gallery

This section lists various unreleased/beta Pokemon and Pokemon related files,
gathered from the various generations.

In most cases, the Pokemon here WILL NOT BE LEGAL. Use at your own risk.

Some of the images will bear an icon of the game, as this is the legend for what the various icons stand for:

red.png Pokémon Red green.png Pokémon Green blue.png Pokémon Blue
yellow.png Pokémon Yellow gold.png Pokémon Gold silver.png Pokémon Silver
crystal.png Pokémon Crystal runy.png Pokémon Ruby sapphire.png Pokémon Sapphire
emerald.png Pokémon Emerald fr2.png Pokémon FireRed lg2.png Pokémon LeafGreen
diamond.png Pokémon Diamond pearl.png Pokémon Pearl platinum.png Pokémon Platinum
hg.png Pokémon HeartGold ss.png Pokémon SoulSilver b.png Pokémon Black
w.png Pokémon White b2.png Pokémon Black2 w2.png Pokémon White2
x.png Pokémon X y.png Pokémon Y or.png Pokémon Omega Ruby
as.png Pokémon Alpha Sapphire s.png Pokémon Sun m.png Pokémon Moon
us.png Pokémon Ultra Sun um.png Pokémon Ultra Moon lgp.png Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu
lge.png Pokémon Let's Go Eevee sw2.png Pokémon Sword sh2.png Pokémon Shield
bd Pokémon Brilliant Diamond sp Pokémon Shining Pearl pla Pokémon Legends Arceus
Sl Pokémon Scarlet Vl Pokémon Violet    


101 files

  1. PK3/WC3: Unreleased Altering Cave Pokémon

    In Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen & Emerald, lies a cave named the Altering Cave.
    At first glance, all it has are wild Zubat, which makes me people ask "why the heck does this cave even exist to begin with".
    As it turns out, there is more to this cave than it meets the eye.
    This cave was programmed to make use of special Mystery Gifts, that would allow the wild Pokémon species that appears to be altered.
    Sadly, this game feature never had an event to make use of it.

    Following it's initial release in Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen, all the Pokémon that could have been caught from here,
    could also be encountered in the extended Safari Zone of Pokémon Emerald.
    (with the exception of Smeargle: it can be caught in Artisan cave in Battle Frontier)
    Despite these Pokémon all being available in Pokémon Emerald, it's not known why this cave was also included for it.
    This page hosts the Pokémon that can be encountered in an altered Altering Cave, as well as other means to get them to appear.
    New update!
    This page also holds a custom wonder card, that can be used to cycle through the encounters of Altering Cave, whenever you talk to the deliveryman!
    Take note: if you toss/remove the wonder card, the encounters in Altering Cave will be stuck at the last species encountered.
    Also note: FireRed/LeafGreen & Emerald have their own wonder cards. FRLG cannot use Emerald wonder card and vice versa.

    The encounters that get cycled are (and it wraps back to the start):
    Zubat, Mareep, Pineco, Houndour, Teddiursa, Aipom, Shuckle, Stantler, Smeargle.
    Wonder Card
    Card is English language,
    but works on the
    languages listed.
    Wonder Card (Hint: You'll need the WC3TOOL to inject wonder cards into your save.)

    Also, PKHeX usage:
    Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen: Event constant 36
    Pokémon Emerald: Event constant 62

    Cycling through 0 to 8 in the above given event constant, results in the rotation of the species that appears.

    Also, for cheat code usage:
    Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen:
    Pokémon Emerald Codes:

    Credits to the Pokémon: @HaxAras
    Credits to codes: @BlackShark

    Original Post:




  2. WC6 - Speculated Pokemon Bank Debugging Pokemon

    Analysis of the Pokemon Bank gift format shows that it holds WC6FULL files, and can hold up to 6 of them.

    The remaining 3, while having it's species dummied out, actually holds data:

    What's interesting with the information above is:
    1. OT is Satoshi (ASH)
    2. All Distribution titles (including for the Regi's) is "Zekrom Present"
    3. Fusion Bolt and Haze, are both moves associated with Zekrom (or more specifically, Ash's Zekrom)
    4. The inclusion of Light of Ruin and Fairy Gem

    Speculating on what the leftover data means:
    The data suggests that Ash's Zekrom was initially used for testing,
    but the changing of the first move to Eternal Flower Floette's signature move and the inclusion of the Fairy Gem,
    hints that Eternal Flower Floette could have been the second round of testing, before getting the Species and Forme data wiped out.

    As such, I'm also attaching a modified wonder card to showcase the Eternal Flower Floette.
    This Pokémon was first seen as a sketch in AZ's flashback, and later seen as a 3D model after that battle with Pokemon Trainer AZ.
    Since then, it was discovered to be a Pokémon with fully programmed data, however was never released to players.
    Besides Pokémon X&Y, the data for this Pokémon exists in Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Sun & Moon, Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
    and also Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee (while the species was not available, the data is in the personal_info narc).

    Additionally, I also attached a slightly recreated Ash's Zekrom; an re-imagining of the first debugger gift format.




  3. PK4: Unreleased Hall of Origin Arceus

    Programmed into Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Versions, is an unreachable location called the Hall of Origin.
    There, players will be able to challenge and potentially capture a level 80 wild Arceus.
    However, the key item that would activate an in-game event to reach this place, the Azure Flute, was never released.
    Based on an interview with Junichi Masuda with Nintendo World Report in 2013,
    it was revealed that the Azure Flute event was thought to be too confusing for players, hence the idea of distributing it was scrapped.
    Before the JP Movie Arceus distribution in Gen 6, one of the reasons why this event is much coveted,
    with many attempting to get a tweaking method to succeed, is due to the fact that this Arceus can be encountered shiny.

    This page contains the Arceus that would have been encountered there, achieved by some form of cheating:
    [SPA] Spanish Arceus, credits @suloku [ENG] English Arceus, credits @theSLAYER (TID/SID/OT modded to follow suloku's copy) [KOR] Korean Arceus, credits @theSLAYER [JPN] Japanese Arceus, credits @theSLAYER  
    To contribute an Arceus of a language not yet contributed, do so here:




  4. WC4: Debug Azure Flute + Infernape Test Card

    The Key Item Azure Flute, which would allow a holy encounter with Arceus, was never legitimately released to players.
    However, found within a file (decchi.bin), that was found in Generation 4 distribution carts for Deoxys, (Uploader's note: file-ception at it's finest)
    It appears that an Azure Flute distribution was being tested via slot-2 distribution.

    The nature of the slot-2 distribution game that this wonder card was obtained from, only allowed distribution to JPN games.
    The distribution text seems to be reusing the distribution text for a Generation 3 Old Sea Chart distribution.
    It was also discovered by @Deoxyz that changing the distribution type from Key Item to Pokemon, will show complete information for an Infernape to be received.

    It was also discovered by @DeadSkullzJr that the copy of the wonder card in the game (seen via hex) slightly differs from the wonder card that was received. The one in the game has a redistribution count. Presumably this copy has the redistribution count, but the received one does not, because it does not allow players who received a copy to redistribute.

    The Key Item Azure Flute wonder card (.pcd), Modified to show Infernape (.pcd) and the Infernape (.pkm) are up for download.
    [We will not host the decchi.bin or Distribution Roms for the Deoxys]
    Update: Even though the remakes Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl included a way to get Azure Flute and the Hall of Origin Arceus encounter, owning the Gen 4 HoO Arceus would still be illegal.
    File Info
    Gen 4 Decchi - Azure Flute.pcd - Extracted from save that received it. The one without redistribution count.
    Gen 4 Decchi - Azure Flute (Hex Extracted, Redistribution count).pcd - Hex extracted from the game. The one with redistribution count.
    Gen 4 Decchi - Infernape.pcd - The receiving type was modified to show the Infernape gift hiding within
    Gen 4 Decchi - Infernape.pkm - A pk4 file of the extracted Infernape.
    Wonder card Images

    While this wonder card will activate the event, the Arceus right now can be considered illegal and legal.

    Do note it's possible to obtain a Hall of Fame Arceus via Tweaking, and it'll pass Pokemon Bank when it's Level 100,
    but that can be easily changed, if they decide to block it.

    Use at your own risk.
    Images regarding Infernape:

    Original Threads:




  5. PK7: SM - Totems and other unobtainable Pokemon

    Throughout Pokemon Sun & Moon, there have been many encounters with Pokemon that cannot be captured,
    due to various reasons set up by the developers by various story elements.

    As these Pokemon are uncatchables, they were obtained by extraction from RAM dumps.

    *Warning, contains possible plot spoiler. If you've yet to complete the game, leave this page*
    This page features the following Pokemon Sets:
    Illima's Trial: VS Totem GumshoosS Illima's Trial: VS Totem RaticateM Lana's Trial: VS Totem Wishiwashi Kiawe's Trial: VS Totem Salazzle Mallow's Trial: VS Totem Lurantis Sophocles's Trial: VS Totem Vikavolt Acerola's Trial: VS Totem Mimikyu Captainless Trial: VS Totem Kommo-o Aether Paradise Nihilego The infamous Seafolk Village's Trainer's Shiny Exeggcute! (editor's note: thanks for the clarification in the comments) Pokemon Trainer Kukui's Pokemon Pokemon Trainer Morimoto's Pokemon Pokemon Trainer Blue's Pokemon Pokemon Trainer Red's Pokemon
      Mega Pack (contains all of the above)
      In case it isn't obvious,
    These entries were obtained by @jojo12100 and @thaleskpl
    Original Thread:




  6. PK7: Unobtainable Ultra Necrozma

    While this forme is accessible once you capture Necrozma, and gain access to the the N-Solarizer and N-Lunarizer,
    and also having a Solgaleo or Lunala in your team (for the fusion process),
    this forme, like Mega Evolution, cannot be maintained outside battle.

    How this file was obtained, was by using NTR Codes that allowed catching of Trial Pokemon,
    as this Pokemon was not meant to be captured as-is in the games.

    This encounter cannot be shiny. This file will make your game save illegal.
    The details below refer specifically to this file.
         Species   Ultra Necrozma   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   PPorg   TID   171117   Distribution   In-Game Battle   Location   Megalo Tower   Dates   Nov 18, 2017   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   Ultra Moon                                                                Lv. 60    Nature   Bold   Ability   Neuroforce (1)   Item   None    Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Photon Geyser   Smart Strike   Power Gem   Dragon Pulse
      Format Ver.1.0.6-0, Post Updated Date:20180119_2343




  7. PK8: Unobtainable Eternamax Eternatus

    With a Base Stat Total of over 1,000, Eternamax Eternatus is probably not meant to be owned by any trainer.

    However, by hacking it into a raid (save edit), and setting the form to 1 (instead of the default 0), after it was caught in a raid battle,
    it does not revert back to regular Eternatus.
    (Even if the "send into box" and party/summary screen shows a regular Eternatus)

    This can also be achieved with a ROM edit: instead of having the EncounterScenario as Eternatus_3 in pkNX, if it was changed to a scenario that allows catching, such as Regigigas_Raid_Battle or Motostoke_Gym_Challenged, it could be captured, and would retain it's form.
    Here's an example of me messing with the EncounterScenario:

    The Eternamax Eternatus can be brought to the Isle of Armor and have it follow you, and a somewhat small version of it will follow you, when you set it to the lead in your party.
    However, it will stay on the spot, and is unable to follow you. Thanks to Anubis (Sibuna_Switch) for testing this. (source video)
    Important to note: loading any save with Eternatus in Eternamax mode will cause it to revert to standard form.

    Having this in your save will make it illegal. As per any item in the Unreleased/Beta PKM Gallery, use at your own risk.




  8. PK4: Unobtainable Shiny Spiky-eared Pichu

    In Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver, when players bring an event Shiny Pichu to the shrine at Ilex Forest, players will receive a Spiky-eared Pichu.
    The Spiky-eared Pichu comes with the moves Pain Split (unique event move), Volt Tackle (egg move in Gen 4), Swagger (TM move), and Helping Hands (HGSS Move Tutor),
    at Lv. 30 holding a Zap Plate, Female, and it cannot be shiny.

    Through the power of hacking, theSLAYER obtained a shiny Spiky-eared Pichu.
    [this was obtained by changing TID/SID of the Pokemon, to make it shiny.]

    It's normally impossible to obtain more than one Spiky-eared Pichu, as it cannot be traded,
    and it also cannot be transferred to future generations.
    The details below refer to the English file specifically.
         Species   Pichu   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   PPorg   TID   05027   Distribution   In-Game Gift   Location   Ilex Forest   Dates   Feb 24, 2018   PID   Shiny PID   Games   HeartGold                                                                Lv. 30    Nature   Naughty   Ability   Static (1)   Item   http://projectpokemon.org/images/items/zap_plate.png Zap Plate    Moves       Helping Hand   Volt Tackle   Swagger   Pain Split
      Format Ver.1.0.6-1, Post Updated Date:20180224_0739




  9. PK6: ORAS Demo Unobtainables

    In Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Special Demo Version, you get to choose a starter for the initial mission,
    evolve your starter, get the Mega Stone for your first Mega Evolution in the Special Demo Version,
    defeat Team Magma & Aqua admins, and capture a Glalie International region 3DS / Steelix JP region 3DS, that will be transferred to the main game,

    For subsequent missions, you'll begin the demo with the final evolution of all the starters, all holding their Mega Stones.
    Accompanying you, is also the Pokemon obtained from the initial mission, that is also holding it's Mega Stone.

    This page contains various for these Pokemon, as well as other unobtainable Pokemon encountered throughout this Special Demo Version, obtained by @jojo12100 & @BlackShark.

    What we have, but not limited to:
    Initial Starters (Grovyle, Combusken, Marshtomp) Mega Stone Holding Starters (Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert) Mega Evolving Gift Pokemon (Glalie & Steelix) Steven's Shiny Metagross Team Magma Admin Tabitha's Camerupt Team Aqua Admin Matt's Sharpedo Various other Wild Pokemon, including Wild Shroomish (that cannot be caught) Missing entries that I'm aware of:
    Secret Mission: May's Pokemon  
    Original Thread:




  10. WC7: Fake (and unreleased) Shiny Greninja + Pokemon GO header & Icon

    The author usually doesn't indulge in making fakes, but just for this time round, the author made a few edits to the standard Pokemon Sun & Moon Demo: Greninja to showcase a few presently (as of 2020) unreleased details:
    1. Shiny Ash-Greninja in SM/USUM
    2. Pokemon GO Location Header in SM/USUM
    3. Pokemon GO Icon in SM/USUM
    4. Pokemon GO Mystery Gift receiving text in SM/USUM
    Images in screenshots section.
     Species   Ash-Greninja (Inactive)   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   Ash   TID   131017   Distribution   Unreleased   Location   Pokémon GO   Dates   Unreleased   PID   Specified: 2E662CDB   Games   Unreleased     Lv. 36     Met Lv. 5                                                                  Nature   Random   Ability   Battle Bond (1)   Item   None   Bundled Item   None 
    Souvenir   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Water Shuriken   Aerial Ace   Double Team   Night Slash   WC ID 0: 「Special Go Demo Version Ash-Greninja」's receiving text 0x58 Thank you for playing Pokémon GO! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center. edit: While GO symbol is now available from GO -> HOME transfer, GO symbol cannot be obtained in SMUSUM, as they cannot be transferred backwards.




  11. PK3: XD Unobtainable Pokemon

    Scattered across the game in Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, there are Pokemon that are not obtainable,
    including Bonsly and Munchlax, that appears early, ahead of their generation.
    These Pokemon are obtained by @jojo12100, and this listing includes:
    Salamence in the game's opening Metagross in the game's opening Bingo's Bonsly Battle CD's Mew Beta Starter Jolteon Beta Starter Vaporeon Proto Geodude  
    Original Thread:




  12. WC3: Debug test cards

    These are some debug cards found in saves (such as the debug Altering Cave and debug Old Sea Chart), as well as the debug option in the debug menu for Emerald, FireRed & LeafGreen and Ruby & Sapphire.

    Wonder cards via Debug menu in-game
    R+Start > Tamada > Wonder Card (options)
    Wonder cards via sending gifts locally
    Mystery Gift > Hold R while Exiting > (send cards via names)
    Old Sea Map [Emerald - English & Japanese]
    Collect the Old Sea Map from the deliveryman
    Aurora and Mystic Ticket [FireRed & LeafGreen - Every language | Emerald - English & Japanese]
    Collect the tickets from the deliveryman
    Note: For the FRLG ones, Wonder card text is in English, but the scripts are localized.
    Egg Ticket [FireRed & LeafGreen - Every language | Emerald - English & Japanese]
    Collect the egg from the deliveryman.
    Egg hatches as a Pichu, with Surf.
    Note: Wonder card text is in English, but the scripts are localized.
    Altering Cave [FireRed & LeafGreen - English & German | Emerald - English & Japanese]
    Every time you speak to the deliveryman, it changes the encounter in Altering Cave.
    Note: For the FRLG ones, Wonder card text is in English, but the script is localized.
    Eon Ticket [Ruby & Sapphire - All languages]
    Speak to Norman in Petalburg Gym.

    [We will not distribute the Debug ROMs, and it is against our rules to ask for it]




  13. PK7: Unreleased Zeraora and Battle Video Pokemon

    A Battle Video was released to promote Zeraora, and various hackers went to dump the Battle Video, in order to extract the Zeraora.
    What is interesting, is that this file has the same details as the Japanese distribution.
    The other Pokemon from the Battle Video was also added to this page.
    They've been leveled to Lv.100, as their level was meant to be 100, evident by the fact that they were hyper trained.
    Additionally, the Battle Video has also been added to this page!
    It goes into the extdata 00001B50\user\btvideo and can then be watched from the Battle Video menu.

    While this file won't make your save illegal, we don't recommend using it.
         Species   Zeraora   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   フウラシティ   TID   180713   Distribution   Unreleased file   Location   2018 Pokémon Movie   Dates   Jul 13, 2018 (Based on TID)  PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   US/UM                                                                Lv. 50    Nature   Adamant   Ability   Volt Absorb (1)   Item   Air Balloon    Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Plasma Fists   Thunder Punch   Close Combat   Thunder

    Wishing Format Ver.1.0.6-2, Post Updated Date:20180426_1757
    Thanks @wwwwwwzx for the files, and @BlackShark for the Battle Video!




  14. WC5: Distros - Hidden Debug Wonder cards

    [This post has been updated].

    Hiding in various distribution ROMs, are various debug cards. Unless their OT/TID/SID widely differs, they are usually similar to their language'd variants.

    [We will not host the Distribution Roms, and it's against the rules to ask us for it!]

    Information for Bulbasaur:

    Information for Litwick:

    Pidove Egg
    Information on Darkrai

    Zoroark Information
    Liberty Ticket Information

    Thanks to @Deoxyz and @Purin for bringing this to our attention!

    [We will not host the Distribution Roms, and it's against the rules to ask us for it!]
    Original Posts:




  15. WC6: Beta Helen Volcanion

    This file was hosted on Mystery Gift Servers of Pokemon Omega Ruby, however was ultimately not released for download.
    It is speculated that the purpose of this wonder card was simply to test if the serial code service is functioning properly,
    as hinted by it's internal name.

    This card was uploaded twice on two different occasions, with 2 different internal names.
    Both contain the exact same data.

    While the distribution title and text is in Japanese, it oddly has the English OT name of Helen.

    This Volcanion would be nearly indistinguishable from the Volcanion given out using the used Helen Volcanion wondercard,
    provided it was collected on the 3DS of the correct region.

    (Though, it'll be illegal to have this Wonder card on your save)

    Internal name 1: 588_V_test_EU_E
    Internal name 2: 588_Volcanion_EU_EN_Serial_test
     Species   Volcanion   Nickname   (default, save lang)   OT   Helen   TID   10016   Distribution   Intended to be 
    Serial Code   Location   a lovely place   Dates   Unreleased as-is   PID   Cannot Be Shiny   Games   EU 3DS: XYORAS    Lv. 70      Nature   Random   Ability   Water Absorb (1)   Item   Assault Vest 
    Classic   Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Steam Eruption   Flamethrower   Hydro Pump   Explosion   WC ID 588: 「ボルケニオン プレゼント」's receiving text  0x2B Thank you for playing Pokémon! Please pick up your gift from the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center. ボルケニオン プレゼント ことしの えいがの しゅやくポケモン
    ばくねつの ボルケニオンを プレゼント!
    スチームバーストで ぶっとばせ!




  16. PK8: Unobtainable Shiny Original Color Magearna

    This Magearna has the TID hacked to be Shiny, nothing changed apart of that.
    At the time this post is made, this Pokémon is marked as legal in PKHeX and it is currently unknown if Home can assign a Shiny TID for the Magearna. However, there are no report of a legitimate Shiny Magearna yet and Sword / Shield servers refuse to trade this Pokémon, so i assume it's definitely Shiny Locked.
    This Pokemon is now correctly shown as illegal by PKHeX.
    The original one is downloadable here:




  17. PK3: Debug Pokemon Ruby Version

    Out there in the wild, exists a German Language Debugger's/Developer's Edition of Pokemon Ruby Version,
    which contains many debugging tools, including Mystery Event distribution subroutines.
    Using existing unmodified subroutines, a Tournament Unown can be transferred.

    Working on the data discovered by The Cutting Room Floor and GlitchCity Forums, and with @BlackShark's help,
    the remaining Pokemon could be transferred by doing modifications in order to activate the other subroutines,
    that contains the other hidden debugging Pokemon.

    Pokemon in this archive:
    Tournament Unown(s) Luvdisc Kyogre Egg & Hatched Kyogre Shroomish Egg & Hatched Shroomish Barboach Egg & Hatched Barboach 1/65535 chance Pikachu Egg
    The contributors for these are:
    @Deoxyz, @theSLAYER, @BlackShark, @HaxAras and @jojo12100

    [We will not distribute the Debug Ruby Rom, and it is against our rules to ask for it]
    Original Thread:




  18. PK8: Uncatchable Event Raids

    Glastrier & Spectrier
    These are a Glastrier and a Spectrier that were forced-set to be catchable, from the Crown Tundra Legends (2022) event.
    The event featured a lv. 60 Galstrier/Spectrier that was not catchable.
    GMax Urshifu and Shiny GMax Urshifu (Single Strike  & Rapid Strike)
    These are a Single Strike Urshifu and a Rapid Strike Urshifu, both with the ability to Gigantamax, that were forced-set to be catchable, from the Urshifu Challenge (2022) event.
    The event featured a lv. 60 Single Strike/Rapid Strike Urshifu that were not catchable.
    During the first hours of the event it was possible to encounter their Shiny variant with standard odds.
    Zeraora & Shiny Zeraora
    These are a Zeraora and a Shiny Zeraora that were forced-set to be catchable, from the Zeraora Challenge (2020) event.
    The event featured a Zeraora (of various levels) and a lvl. 100 Shiny Zeraora that were not catchable.
    This is a Mewtwo that was forced-set to be catchable, from the Pokémon Day (2020) event.
    Even tho it was battled with 6 perfect IVs, when caught, it doesn't have any IVs.
    (It's a game mechanic to only offer 0, 2 and 3 guaranteed IVs, when caught.)
    This is a Gigantamax Cinderace that was forced-set to be catchable, from the Easter (2021) event.
    The event featured a Level 60 Gigantamax Cinderace that was not catchable by the player.
    This is a Magikarp that was forced-set to be catchable, from the April Fools (2021) event.
    The event featured a Magikarp (of various levels) that was not catchable by the player.




  19. PK5: Pokestar Studios Prop Creatures (Studiomons)

    In Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, lies the facility Pokestar Studios, which allow players to create "films",
    which is done by having users battles Props (between a pair of legs and Mecha Tyranitar),
    which are not traditional Pokemon.
    Fan term for these Studio Creatures/Props are known as Studiomons.

    At present, the only Pokemon dumped from RAM is are(thanks @jojo12100😞
          Majin   F-00   Black Door   White Door
    Bringing any of these "Pokemon" out of the PC will cause it to turn into an unusable bad egg.
    The only way to use it via the Battle Box feature,
    but do note that none of the Studiomons have a back sprite, so it will appear as a black square.

                                           illus: Studiomons appearing as a Black Square

    Presently it appears PKHeX may allow importing into a B2W2 Save (perhaps with limitations),
    but if it doesn't, this programs accepts it's usage too:




  20. PK3: Unreleased METEOR Jirachi (ENG)

    After disassembling the code of a multiboot gba rom discovered in Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc (US),
    @Bond697 found that it distributes an unreleased METEOR Jirachi,
    that seems to be the translation/mirrored version of the ネガイボシ (Wishing Star) Jirachi.
    Original Thread describing the find from years ago:


    1 comment


  21. PK6: Unobtainable Shiny Cosplay Pikachu

    In Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, players will receive a Cosplay Pikachu, after taking part in a Pokemon Contest Spectacular.
    The Cosplay Pikachu comes with it's Hidden Ability Lightning Rod, and an exclusive move that changes with the costume.
    Cosplay Pikachu normally cannot be obtained shiny in-game.

    Through the power of hacking, theSLAYER obtained a few Cosplay Pikachu that are different from normal.
    1. Shininess + Hidden Ability (Lightning Rod)
    2. Shininess + Ability Slot 1 (Static)
    [these were obtained by changing TID/SID of the Pokemon, to make it shiny. Also, ability changed for non-HA versions]

    It's normally impossible to obtain more than one Cosplay Pikachu, and like Spiky-Eared Pikachu,
    it cannot be traded (or deposited into Pokemon Bank), and cannot be transferred to future generations.

    Pokémon Sun & Moon introduced a variant Pikachu that wear's Ash's Hat (Cap Pikachu) AND
    Let's Go Pikachu introduced a variant that is your buddy (Partner Pikachu),
    and it's interesting to note they removed shiny coloration for the alternate model that fills the shiny slot,
    meaning that Cosplay Pikachu may be the last Pikachu Variant that have Shiny Models, even when shiny locked.




  22. WC4: Unreleased Winter Celebi (GameStop)

    Winter Celebi (GameStop)
    This Celebi was included on the same distribution cartridge as the three GameStop Johto Beasts,
    but was replaced with a new one containing the Celebi with the WIN2011 OT before the event began.

    While never officially released, some customers and employees were able to receive this Celebi through changing the clock on the DS with the distribution cart.
    In HeartGold and SoulSilver, this Celebi can activate an event at Ilex Shrine involving time travel and a battle with the Team Rocket Boss, Giovanni.
    When it is sent to Black or White versions via the Relocator, it can be used to meet a Zorua in Castelia City.
         Species   Celebi   Nickname (N)   CELEBI    OT   GAMESTP   TID/SID   02271/10415   Distribution   Local Wireless   Location   Pokémon Event   Dates   (Unreleased)   PID   Random (Non-Shiny)   Games   Given to: DPPt HGSS 
    Preset as: HG                                                                Lv. 50    Nature   Random   Ability   Natural Cure   Item    Jaboca Berry    Card Per Save   Only One Allowed    Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)   Leaf Storm   Recover   Nasty Plot   Healing Wish   WC ID 62: 「Time to travel with CELEBI!」  

    Classic Time to travel with CELEBI! Find secrets from the past and future!
    Transfer CELEBI to Pokémon Black
    Version or Pokémon White Version for a
    special encounter! Save the game once
    you receive CELEBI at a Poké Mart. Format Ver.3.0.1-3, Post Updated Date:20230119_1821




  23. PK3: Unreleased Faraway Island Mew (European Languages)

    In Pokemon Emerald, contains a programmed event encounter with the Mythical Pokemon Mew.
    However, the key item that activates the event, Old Sea Map, was never released to players outside of Japan.

    This page hosts the Mew that is caught at Faraway Island.
    As an extra illegal bonus, it's caught with the Safari Ball, that cannot be obtained outside of the Safari Zone.
    It is possible to reach Faraway Island in Non-English and Non-Japanese other European languaged games,
    using an elaborate usage of glitches, as explained by ChickasaurusGL below.

    It is unclear whether the non-Japanese Mew can be sent up via Pokemon Bank.




  24. PK4: Unused ???-type Arceus

    In Generation IV of the core series games, a ???-type Arceus was programmed into the game, the same typing as the move Curse.
    However, it goes unused, as there is no legitimate way to convert Arceus's type into ???-type.

    While it is possible to change the Arceus's forme via hacking,
    as it is not holding the correct plate (which doesn't exist), it will revert back to normal-type when it enters battle.

    Generation V and onwards, the move Curse has been changed to ghost-type,
    and this forme of Arceus has been removed.
    The details below refer specifically to the file uploaded.
         Species   Arceus   Nickname   (default, in )   OT   Suloku   TID   47349   Distribution   In-Game Encounter   Location   Hall of Origin   Dates   Feb 24, 2018   PID   Not Shiny / Shiny   Games   Diamond                                                                Lv. 80    Nature   Impish   Ability   Multitype (1)   Item   None    Moves       Defog   (None)   (None)   (None)
      Format Ver.1.0.6-1, Post Updated Date:20180224_0726
    [The 3D animated sprite above is a custom-made sprite. This form only existed in Gen 4.]




  25. PK8: Beta HOME Magearna

    A Original Colored Magearna can be obtained from Pokémon HOME, as a reward for completing its National Dex.
    However, a Lv.10 Magearna that had 15 ribbons attached to it was obtainable by players within a few hours on Pokémon HOME's launch day.
    One reasoning, would be the devs were testing/creating the intend Magearna, and they didn't realize that this glitched Magearna was flagged as obtainable by player.
    Given an official announcement wasn't given on how to obtain one, some players stumbled across it without knowing the requirements to receive it, hence it was not easy to replicate receiving one.
    This Magearna was contributed by @RylDmn (u/RylDmn), and thanks to Xrex2 (discord) for reaching out on our behalf.
    Besides the contribution credit, other private user details on the mon/images were wiped.




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