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New Blog and Development Progress




Project Pokémon now has blogs. As the creator of Sky Editor and admin of Project Pokémon, I've moved the Sky Editor blog to Project Pokémon.

I'm currently rewriting the save editing library in C# so I can finally move away from the PCL project towards a .Net Standard project that can target both .Net Standard and the .Net Framework. I tried the lastest VS2017 preview which supposedly supports Visual Basic in .Net Standard; however it lacks understanding of basic VB features such as the "vbCRLF" constant and inferred variable types The advantage of multiple framework targets is that any .Net Framework applications that reference SkyEdtior.SaveEditor will no longer have to carry around all of those those .Net Core DLLs. Last week I introduced this same change to PKHeX, and so far it's working well.

After rewriting the save editing library, I'll likely keep the WPF UI in VB. I do, however, intend to touch some things up, perhaps finally getting around to adding item management features such as editing what's inside of a Box, or what a Used TM used to be.

As always, please feel free to suggest new features, since I'm more likely to prioritize suggestions.



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What kind of thing/topic can be used for a blog.

Is it more of a personal post, with community response, type of thing?

I'm getting a rather vain idea, but not sure how it'll roll

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26 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

What kind of thing/topic can be used for a blog.

Anything, really. In general, probably anything that doesn't fit well in the forums or has a need to be a blog.

I made the Sky Editor blog a blog instead of a forum post because it spans save editing, ROM editing, and general development, and doesn't fit well in a single forum.

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So it sounds like blogs can be used for a subsection of pokemon, that our forums don't cover.

I was thinking something like personal Pokemon card collections or all the event Pokemon, photos and proofs one has ever collection personally type of thing.

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