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  1. You can get around that by using Right-Click -> Save Link As... (or Save Target As... depending on your browser).
  2. I kinda broke the Mystery Dungeon Pokedexes, so they'll have to be republished.@Project Pokémon Bot will be spending the next few hours fixing my mistake.

    What was my mistake you may ask? Configuration! A "5" should have been a "6", so things got screwed up.

    1. evandixon


      They do say the #1 mistake for programmers is being off by 1...

    2. coltonsmogon


      ahhh, the classic off by one error. How cliché...

  3. That would require some serious edits to the game's binary. It's not possible with current research AFAIK (but then again, psy_commando has already done things that I once thought impossible).
  4. This forum is for any Pokémon game that is not part of the main series, or general discussion about spin-off games in general. To try to keep things organized, please tag your thread with the game it's about. These are the tags that are in use so far: Tag Games mystery dungeon All Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games rescue team Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red and Blue Rescue Team explorers Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky gti Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity psmd Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon mystery dungeon wiiware Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blazing, Stormy, and Light Adventure Squad ranger Pokémon Ranger 1 and general Pokémon Ranger discussion ranger 2 Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia ranger 3 Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs battle revolution Pokémon Battle Revolution puzzle league Pokémon Puzzle League rumble Pokémon Rumble dash Pokémon Dash snap Pokémon Snap go Pokémon Go stadium Pokémon Stadium colosseum Pokémon Colosseum xd Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness tcg Pokémon Trading Card Game If you want to create a thread about a game that's not in this list, then choose a prefix that makes sense for the game. If you want to create a thread about two or more series of spin-off games or about spin-off games in general, then don't tag your thread.
  5. Can you check the event viewer to see if there's any PKHeX errors listed there? http://www.dummies.com/computers/operating-systems/windows-10/how-to-use-event-viewer-in-windows-10/
  6. Because this thread is still about the idea, it's a little early to be discussing donations. Let's bring discussion back to the game, rather than the logistics of its development.
  7. Yeah, some things are picky about that. Ever notice how our website title in the browser doesn't have the accent on the "e"? Some people had problems with Google Authenticator and removing it fixed things.
  8. Project Pokémon has recently received some new additions. First, we have the new Guides section. This is where you can find or post guides on how to do various Pokémon hacking things, such as getting access to your save file for use with PKHeX. Next, we have the new Pokédex section. @Project Pokémon Bot has been working tirelessly to bring you Pokémon reference data for your enjoyment, spending more than 30 hours over the course of 2 weeks doing nothing but posting thousands of entries to this section, and at the moment, it shows data for Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky and Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon. Work is already under way to bring data from more games to it, such as Pokémon Sun and Moon. We cannot commit to any particular release date at this time, but rest assured that we are working to ensure it's good and ready. Finally, @jasenyoface, member of our news team, has been promoted to moderator of all the Pokémon Discussion forums. There are more surprise additions planned for the near to mid future, but in the mean time, if anyone has any suggestions or is willing to help write articles for our website, please send me a PM or reply to this thread.
  9. At the beginning of Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, the player is given a short personality quiz to determine the player and partner species. While it later gives the option to ignore the results and choose any starter Pokémon, this guide can be used to answer the questions in a way the game recommends the Pokémon you want. First, the player is presented with 5 questions to assess 5 personality traits. For each trait, there are two possible questions that can be asked, one of which is chosen at random. The Player Trait Question 1 Question 2 Sunny A nerve-racking first day at school! You want to make friends with someone you just met. What do you do? Turn to them and introduce yourself. (+1 Sunny) Wait nervously for them to talk to you. A new student transfers into your class. What do you do? Offer to show them around the school. (+1 Sunny) Wait to see what kind of person they are. Calm Disaster strikes! You've lost your wallet! Now what are you going to do? Calm down and retrace your steps. (+1 Calm) Tear the place apart in a frantic search. Two of your friends are fighting, and you wish they'd stop. What do you do first? Ponder what the real issue is between them. (+1 Calm) Jump right into the fray to make them stop. Flexible They start selling a new kind of pastry at your favorite bakery... You try the new variety without hesitation! (+1 Flexible) You stick with your regular favorite. Everyone at school is talking about this great new book, but it's big and long... Of course you get it! They say it's great! (+1 Flexible) You don't want to read anything that long. Serious Halfway to school you realize you forgot something. You'll be late if you turn back... You hurry back to get it anyway. (+1 Serious) You can't be bothered to get it now. You've been hiking up a mountain for two hours but still haven't reached the peak... You pump yourself up for one last push! (+1 Serious) You give up on it and head home. Cooperate You want to jump rope during recess, but everyone else wants to play tag... You give in and play tag with your friends. (+1 Cooperate) You convince all your friends to jump rope. All right! Dinnertime at last! You're starving, and you can hardly think about anything else except the chance to eat... You wait until everyone is ready to start. (+1 Cooperate) You start eating as soon as you have your food. After answering these questions, the game chooses a base species and personality type for the player. Contrary to what one might think, this base species is not the Pokémon that will be assigned to the player - there's still one more question left to determine that. This base species instead determines which personality description is presented immediately prior to the results being displayed. This table shows all the possible outcomes of the above questions. A "1" indicates the first option was chosen, a "0" indicates the second option was chosen, and an "X" indicates a "don't care" condition, where it doesn't matter which option is chosen. Results by Answers Sunny Calm Flexible Serious Cooperate Base Pokémon Personality Type Personality Description 0 0 0 0 X Turtwig Ugokanai (Unmoving) You're a little shy and perhaps too concerned with others' well-being. But that's precisely why you're so kind to those around you. That warm, caring personality must be... 0 0 X 1 0 Treecko Otoko (Man) Do people think you're a loner? Or that you have an unapproachable aura? The truth is that you're a decisive person who's very sure of yourself! That strong personality must be... 0 0 0 1 1 Pikachu Yoiko (Docile) You get along with everyone. You're well liked for cherishing your friends. You're unambitious and calm, but you're actually a hard worker who everyone admires. As popular as you are, you must be... 0 0 1 0 0 Froakie Otoko (Man) You always trust your feelings, even if they get you in trouble sometimes. But clearly expressing your feelings is proof you want others to understand you. A straight shooter like you must be... 0 0 1 X 1 Bulbasaur Ugokanai (Unmoving) You may get upset a little easily and feel uneasy when you don't fit in. But it's your delicate heart that lets you better understand others' feelings. With that sensitive personality, you must be... 0 1 0 X 0 Totodile Ugokanai (Unmoving) You're sure of yourself and unflappable. You have all the qualities of a leader. Just by being around you, others feel more confident. That charismatic personality must belong to... 0 1 0 X 1 Chikorita Ugokanai (Unmoving) Some people work hard in the background. You're one of those, aren't you? When you're not around, things don't go well. Everyone can always count on you. Someone who pulls the strings in the background like that must be... 0 1 1 X 0 Riolu Yoiko (Docile) You love tackling new challenges with your calm, cool, collected reasoning. You're so smart, you know the answers before you've even heard the question. That calm, reliable personality must belong to... 0 1 1 0 1 Cyndaqil Yuttari (Comfortable) You know your place and don't overdo things, but you're really motivated. Everyone looks to you as an example. You may have many admirers... That serene, lovely personality must belong to... 0 1 1 1 1 Tepig Yuttari (Comfortable) You're never shaken and can always read between the lines. You never give up. You're quite likable, and you're always surrounded by friends. With a good-natured personality like that, you must be... 1 0 0 0 X Oshawott Ochitsuki (Calm) You're very active, maybe too much so. You may tire others out. But you are amazing. You make the most of your time, after all! Being a wee bit impatient, you must be... 1 0 0 1 X Fennekin Ochitsuki (Calm) You might be a bit of a space cadet, but when it's time to work, you work hard. You inspire courage in others without even knowing it. With that hardworking personality, you must be... 1 0 1 0 X Piplup Otoko (Man) You're a fearless challenger at all times! But you're also quick to give up. It's important to try out many different things to see what's right for you, though. As playful as you are, you must be... 1 0 1 1 0 Charmander Yoiko (Docile) You carry yourself with thunderous authority. You're brave enough to speak your mind. You can do anything well, so others rely on you. As brave as you are, you must be... 1 0 1 1 1 Torchic Yoiko (Docile) You're good natured and easygoing. But don't you feel nervous sometimes? That unique personality sets those around you at ease. As good natured as you are, you must be... 1 1 0 0 0 Chimchar Otoko (Man) You are you. Others are others. You stay true to what you want to do. Your actions make everyone feel all right. They all envy you. With that ability to make others happy, you must be... 1 1 0 X 1 Squirtle Yuttari (Comfortable) You're friendly and open minded. Aren't you already happy just as you are? You're so calm for your age... When you're happy, everyone is happy. As mild mannered as you are, you must be... 1 1 X 1 0 Chespin Ochitsuki (Calm) Everyone believes you're indecisive, but you actually just think before you act. Your positivity wins people over. It's no surprise you're so successful! With your ability to make everyone feel jolly, you must be... 1 1 1 0 0 Snivy Ochitsuki (Calm) Everyone looks up to you. You're persuasive and get what you want. To those around you, your clever actions look really cool. As cool as you are, you must be... 1 1 1 X 1 Mudkip Yuttari (Comfortable) Who's got time to worry? You're a genius at having fun! Your cheerfulness makes everyone smile. Every day is a happy day when you're around! With your ability to produce warm, fuzzy feelings all around you, you must be... After having determined a personality type, one additional question is asked. This determines the player's species. Question 6 - Determining the Player Pokémon Personality Type Question Otoko (Man) We're going to the beach! Best. Day. Ever. Time to kick back and enjoy the breeze. What view do you find yourself staring at? The glittering blue stretch of sea. (Piplup) The endless expanse of the sky. (Froakie) The sandy shore being lapped by waves. (Chimchar) The gently swaying strands of dune grass. (Treecko) Ugokanai (Unmoving) Spring, summer, fall, or winter... Which season do you like best? Spring, the season of buds and blooms! (Chikorita) Summer, the time for sea and sand! (Bulbasaur) Fall, when crickets chirp and dusk comes early. (Turtwig) Winter, when a blanket of snow covers all. (Totodile) Yoiko (Docile) A wizard appears before you! He says he'll transform you into anything! What would you want to be? A cute little critter, beloved by all! (Pikachu) A cold-blooded reptile with strength. (Charamander) A freewheeling bird that wings across the sky! (Torchic) A wild beast that is one with nature. (Riolu) Ochitsuki (Calm) All right! It's snack time! And today we've got...cake! Woo-hoo! What kind of cake do you pick? Simple-but-sweet strawberry shortcake. (Oshawott) Rich and creamy cheesecake. (Fennekin) Measured and mature green-tea mousse. (Snivy) Classic chestnut-cream confection. (Chespin) Yuttari (Comfortable) You've been given a piece of blank drawing paper! You're asked to draw a picture of the ocean. What color do you make it? Brilliant green with tropical corals. (Cyndaquil) Bright blue with crystal-clear water. (Squirtle) Glimmering orange to reflect the sunset. (Tepig) Rich cobalt blue to show great depth. (Mudkip) The penultimate question determines the partner's species. This is always the same question asking about they player's music preference. There are 8 possible answer sets in total, 1-2 for each of the 5 starter types. Again, the game chooses answer sets (set 1 or set 2) at random. All right! Vacation time at last! What kind of music fits your mood? Type Answer Set 1 Answer Set 2 Fighting Feelin' cool, so it's time for some jazz! (Froakie) I wanna dance and sing to some pop music! (Fennekin) Getting excited! Time to samba! (Chespin) I'll rock out to some hard rock! (Pikachu) Electric Feelin' cool, so it's time for some jazz! (Froakie) I wanna dance and sing to some pop music! (Fennekin) Getting excited! Time to samba! (Chespin) Gotta get moving with some EDM! (Riolu) Water Punk rock that makes your spirit explode! (Chimchar) Gotta get moving with some EDM! (Riolu) I'm feeling laid back. Time for some folk. (Torchic) I wanna dance and sing to some pop music! (Fennekin) So much to do! I need marching music! (Charmander) Time to sip some tea and listen to classical. (Cyndaquil) I want to loudly sing anime theme songs! (Tepig) I'll rock out to some hard rock! (Pikachu) Fire Gotta get moving with some EDM! (Riolu) The freshest, latest rap to make my fingers snap. (Turtwig) I'm in the mood to sing in a chorus with friends. (Chikorita) Getting excited! Time to samba! (Chespin) I'm stuck in a rut. Time to do the tango! (Snivy) I don't need anybody. I'll listen to a solo. (Treecko) I want to listen to some golden oldies. (Bulbasaur) I'll rock out to some hard rock! (Pikachu) Grass Feelin' cool, so it's time for some jazz! (Froakie) I'll rock out to some hard rock! (Pikachu) I'm in the mood for some happy pop music! (Piplup) Can't sit still. Time to polka! (Totodile) I'm in the mood for a sophisticated waltz. (Squirtle) Time for some pleasant, happy reggae. (Mudkip) Gotta get moving with some EDM! (Riolu) I'm in the mood for dramatic opera. (Totodile) The last question is simple: What would be the best word to describe your partner? Cool! Cute. ♪ This determines the partner's gender (cool = male, cute = female). There is little if any difference between the two. In terms of dialog, the English translation does its very best to avoid using gendered pronouns, and the French translation knows it can't avoid them, so it assumes the player to be male and the partner to be female. In terms of aesthetics, a few Pokémon have slightly different overworld models depending on gender: Pikachu and Torchic. Additionally, most Pokémon portraits in the team selection menu will face to the right; however, a female partner's portrait will face to the left. After the results of the personality quiz are shown, the player is given the option to override the results, being able to choose any player species and any partner species of a different type from the player.
  10. The Mystery Dungeon RawDB is now a part of our new Pokedex and is back online.
  11. I think I fixed it. Let me know if there's any more problems.
  12. Using this homebrew launcher (boot.3dsx on the SD root), launch the CIA Homebrew thing.
  13. Adding from our event gallery to your save file can be accomplished by following these steps. Please note that the below screenshots show what it looks like for Gen 5 saves, but the same procedure works for Gen 4, 6 and 7 saves. If you are using a Gen 4 save, please note the difference between PCD and PGF files: PCD files contain the entire wonder card, while PGF files only contain the gift. First, you will need access to your save file. See this guide for NDS games (Gen 4 and 5 saves) or this guide for 3DS games (Gen 6 and 7 saves). Back up your original save file just in case. Start PKHeX. Open your save file using File -> Open... Click the Mystery Gift button. Click the Import button and browse to a wonder card. Right-click an empty slot and choose "Set". If you do not have any empty slots, you will have to overwrite an existing one. If this is the case and you wish to save it first, right-click the existing slot and click View, then click Export. If you are using a Gen 4 save, you must choose a slot that corresponds to the file you opened (PGT vs PCD). PKHeX will let you know if you choose the wrong one. Click Save. Save your save file using File -> Export Save... -> Export main.
  14. In order to edit your saves for use with save editors like PKHeX or Sky Editor, you must first be able to backup/restore your save file from a cartridge. There are many ways this can be accomplished, and it all depends on what hardware you have available. The following methods are listed in order of recommendation. Pick the first one you have the hardware to use. When this guide refers to IR games, it refers to games with an IR port like Pokemon HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black, White, Black 2, and White 2, since older tools are not compatible with these. This can be bypassed using a hardware mod of the cartridge that is outside the scope of this guide and is generally not recommended. 3DS with CFW OR a 3DS with Homebrew and either PokéTransporter or Pokémon Dream Radar If you have a 3DS without either, Plailect's comprehensive guide on how to set up CFW can be found here. If that guide gives you no options, check Smealum's homebrew website to see if you have a compatible homebrew entrypoint. If not, then you cannot use your 3DS to manage NDS saves. Usage: Download the latest version of TWLSaveTool and copy it to your 3DS's SD. The cia is for CFW and the contents of the zip is for homebrew. Do one of the following depending on whether you're using CFW or homebrew: For CFW: Install TWLSaveTool.cia using FBI or your favorite title manager, then launch TWLSaveTool. For homebrew: use your favorite homebrew entrypoint to enter the homebrew launcher, then launch TWLSaveTool. Follow the instructions on the screen to backup or restore your save. NDS Backup Adapter Plus OR SMS4 OR R4i Save Dongle. Older variants may not work on IR games. The exact usage is currently outside the scope of this guide. Refer to the instructions given with your device. Look here if you need help disabling driver signature enforcement. Action Replay DSi with a Micro-SD slot and an NDS (original, lite, or DSi) OR an Action Replay Media Edition and an original DS or DS Lite. Will not work on IR games. Not all Action Replay DSi units have a micro-SD slot. Unfortunately, neither the Action Replay DSi with the micro-SD slot nor the Action Replay Media Edition are made or sold anymore. The exact usage is currently outside the scope of this guide. Refer to the manual for your device, or simply reply to this thread if you need help. In order to allow compatibility with save editors, you will need to convert the *.duc files to raw format. My save converter can be found here. An alternative save converter written by @Matt140, with instructions written by @Scarface, can be found here. Original DS or DS Lite AND a slot 2 flashcart that can run NDS homebrew With this hardware combo, you can import/export saves directly to your flashcart using @Pokedoc's savegame manager. Refer to the included PDF for usage instructions. Original DS or DS Lite AND a slot 1 flashcart AND an EZ Flash 3in1 With this hardware combo, your cartridge's save file is written to the EZ Flash 3in1, then copied to your slot 1 flashcart using @Pokedoc's savegame manager. Refer to the included PDF for usage instructions. Original DS or DS Lite AND a slot 1 flashcart AND WEP Wi-FI AND an FTP server (your computer can function as one) Note that WEP is different than WPA, which is more common nowadays and is much more secure. With this hardware combo, you can import/export saves directly to your flashcart using @Pokedoc's savegame manager. Refer to the included PDF for usage instructions. If you cannot do any of the above, and you are not playing on a flashcart or an emulator, then you do not have access to your save file and cannot directly edit it. Depending on what you wish to do, you might be able to create Action Replay codes using PokeGen, but that is outside the scope of this guide.
  15. In order to backup or restore your 3DS saves, you will first need access to CFW or homebrew. Plailect's comprehensive guide on how to set up CFW can be found here. If that guide gives you no options, check Smealum's homebrew website to see if you have a compatible homebrew entrypoint. If you do not have one, you cannot backup or restore your 3DS saves without a Cybergadget, which only works on Japanese retail cartridges and is outside the scope of this guide. Powersaves, the SMS4, and the NDS Backup Adapter Plus will not work because they export the raw save. It must first be decrypted, which can only be done with a hacked 3DS or a Cybergadget. If you're using CFW: Download the latest version of JKSM and copy the CIA file to your 3DS's SD. Install the CIA with FBI. Open JKSM If you wish to backup or restore a save on a retail cartridge, choose Cartridge. If you wish to backup or restore a save on an eShop game, choose SD/CIA and choose the correct game. If your game is not listed, go back to the main menu, choose "Refresh Games", and try again. Choose "Save Data Options". Choose "Export Save" or "Import Save" (depending on what you want to do), choose a save slot, and follow any additional prompts. Your save should now be imported or exported. If you're using Homebrew: Download the latest version of JKSM and copy the 3ds folder to the root of your 3DS's SD. Open the homebrew menu using your favorite homebrew entrypoint. Choose JK's Save Manager, and target the game you wish to manage. Choose "Save Data Options". Choose "Export Save" or "Import Save" (depending on what you want to do), choose a save slot, and follow any additional prompts. Your save should now be imported or exported.