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  1. x / y hack

    ROMs are copyrighted, meaning they're illegal to distribute, even if modified.
  2. Which specific skins did you try to import?
  3. It works with both; just import/export the CTR cartridge.
  4. Unfortunately, this is not supported by IP.Board. BB code can be used (italics added with BB code), but I'm unable to find a list of supported codes, and there is no obvious way to add custom BB code.
  5. What browser do you use on mobile? It works fine on my phone (HTC One M8 using Chrome). Quotes at the end can be selected by touching, then use backspace to delete. On Desktop, select before and press Delete. Emoticon test: (Pressing enter, turning text into images works fine here) Workaround for removing mention on mobile: write and select text before and after the mention then press backspace. Regarding the quote eating your text, I recommend previewing before submitting. Can't test on mobile since the toolbar button hasn't been added to the small editor yet. You can also try tapatalk, since we have the appropriate plugin.
  6. There exists an Action Replay code for Diamond/Pearl that can give the Manaphy egg via the delivery man. 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 0000AA3C EDB88320 2000AA68 00000007 <-- The 7 is the thing that gives the Manaphy egg D2000000 00000000 Changing the 7 to other numbers gives things like the member's card to get Darkrai or whatever the letter was to get Shamin. Or the thing for Arceus (it's been a while). This makes me think that the relevant data is already inside the target games. Granted, it could work differently for the prototype but it's probably not too different.
  7. You need CFW, but it will work with either eShop versions and cartridges.
  8. Type the text, highlight it, press the link button, enter URL.
  9. It's handled by Luma, so probably. IIRC, NTR is the only thing that has trouble, since it's not a proper CFW and has to be launched with a cia.
  10. Just paste the url into the editor, and it'll replace the link with a video.
  11. (Pokemon Sun/Moon covers 1) Nintendo has released a patch for Pokémon Sun and Moon introducing the following game balance fixes 2: Battle videos recorded before applying the update are incompatible with this patch and will be unplayable after installing it. With regards to game hacking, this may break ROM hacks, depending on whether or not the ROM hack modified the game's executable. If you are playing such a ROM hack, you will either need to refrain from updating or wait for the author to update the hack. Save editors like PKHeX are unaffected. @SciresM's SMPatcher has been updated to version 1.1 to provide compatibility with the update, and can be downloaded here 3. If you are new to SMPatcher, it will modify the game executable to make QR scanning and PKHeX importing much similar. In order to use it, you will need to have CFW, which can currently be installed using the latest firmware. The recommended installation guide can be found here. Here is a list of patches that SMPatcher can apply to Sun or Moon: Sources: Pokémon Sun and Moon Official Website Serebii SciresM's GitHub
  12. You can copy/paste your GBAtemp post as rich text, paste it into the text editor, and formatting will be preserved. You'll probably have to use the background-color toolbar button to set the background color to automatic, since that's copied too.
  13. It makes the core code more reusable. It's possible, but unusual, to directly reference PKHeX.exe from other .Net apps to make things like my (very outdated) Pokemon database, where PKHeX does most of the work. Using a code library increases the possibilities.
  14. Bare-minimum, you need PKHeX.exe and PKHeX.Core.dll. The combined file size of the two files should be similar to the previous file size. The PDB files provide extra debug info for us if there's any unhandled exceptions (like line numbers and code files).
  15. Type it in exactly as it appears in the appropriate drop down.