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  1. JKSM will work on pretty much any firmware as long as you're using CFW.
  2. It works since you're using CFW. Certain CIA apps like JKSM are allowed save management permissions.
  3. The Sky 3DS behaves similarly to a retail cartridge. As such, the saves are encrypted and adding support in PKHeX is currently not possible. Following this guide should allow you to export saves to a format that PKHeX can accept:
  4. We probably don't need two topics for this. I like the one with the poll better, so let's go with that one. (Besides, I already posted a report that's overkill for the thread.)
  5. Is Vivillon the Devil? Abstract In the words of the shortest abstract ever, "probably not" 1. Introduction Some believe that Vivillon is the devil because its number in the Pokédex is 666. Interpreting biblical prophesy is always challenging because it is not always clear what is literal and what is figurative. This report shows the analysis of what is known shows a logical fallacy, combined with existing research, to suggest Vivillon is not the devil. Analysis Chapter 13 of Revelation refers to a beast that comes out of the earth. It is commonly believed that this beast is in fact the devil. For the scope of this report, this will be assumed true. What the Bible says about the beast and the number 666 is as follows 2: The verse says that the beast has a number which is 666, but not that something with the number 666 is the beast. In terms of Boolean logic, if A = something is the beast from the earth and B = the something's number is 666, then A implies B (A => B). We cannot think of it in reverse. B does not imply A. If B is not true, then A is not true, but that's the only inference that can be made. Just because Vivillon has the number 666 does not mean it is the beast from the earth. The only thing we know for sure is that Vivillon's number is 666, but that does not necessarily mean anything. As shown in Figure 1, it is possible for things to have the number 666 without being the Beast Out of the Earth that the Bible describes. Figure 1. Categorization of Vivillon and the Beast Out of the Earth. Comparing the beast to Vivillon in terms of their actions does not support your conclusion. The beast appears to have fire power, but according to researchers of TV Tropes, Vivillon instead possesses powers such as poison, psychokinesis, and wind 3. Serebii, fellow Pokémon researcher and ally of the Project Pokémon research institute, reports that the only fire type move Vivillon has is Sunny Day, which can hardly be compared to fire power 4. While this does not necessarily prove Vivillon is not the beast, it is at the very least evidence to suggest otherwise. Conclusion There is not enough evidence to suggest that Vivillon is the beast referenced in the Bible. The very premise relies at best on faulty logic, and there is evidence to suggest Vivillon does not possess the powers used by the beast. In order to prove or disprove the claim beyond all doubt, either the true beast would need to be identified or conclusive research would need to be performed to determine if Vivillon has the potential to use fire or regulate commerce. References http://www.realclearscience.com/blog/2014/01/shortest_science_papers.html http://biblehub.com/niv/revelation/13.htm http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/FanonPokedex/Scatterbug http://serebii.net/pokedex-sm/666.shtml [Edit/Moderator Note] Since this thread is actually pretty on-topic to Pokémon, I'm moving it to the Pokémon Franchise section.
  6. I updated the details in the Downloads section to match GitHub.
  7. Fixed, thanks for reporting.
  8. Sent theSLAYER a PM about it, since there's multiple ways to accomplish it, and the details are only documented in a staff-only section.
  9. Because of past PGL ban waves (and a potential future one), many are wondering if they can edit save files safely. The safest option is to simply not hack or to not use game sync, although some minor edits may be safe. The problem is that it is unclear on what the bans were based, and the Pokémon company hasn't exactly volunteered this information. Here are the known causes of PGL bans: Getting 999 of every item (it's possible the bans are from a sub-set of items) Making illegal changes to Pokémon between game syncs Illegal Pokédex entries Changing anything in the save that is static (like OT, Gender, Language, etc.) Getting all clothing (there's been mixed reports about this) We have not received any reports of banning due to receiving hacked Pokémon in trades. Making other edits might be safe, but only as long as the result could have been accomplished without hacks given more effort. By hacking your save file, you accept full responsibility of any consequences such as being banned. If you are banned, however, we would appreciate your input so we can learn more. Thanks to everyone who posted in our previous threads about the bans for sharing their experiences, zenamez of GBAtemp for compiling the causes reported on GBAtemp, and to theSLAYER and Serebii for checking this information. Image Source (Thanks to \ from our IRC for suggesting this)
  10. I have to many programming projects I want to do and not enough time to do them all. Vote on what you think I should prioritize. Automatic updates for Sky Editor - This will allow you to use future releases and dev builds of Sky Editor as they are pushed to the master branch of its components' repositories. Gates to Infinity/Super Mystery Dungeon Save Editing (No promises) - Editing saves for these games is tricky, but possible. Time needs to be invested in order to figure out the save format, time which could be used for other things. Rescue Team/Explorers Save Editing - Please comment with any specifics you'd like to see (no promises for complicated stuff, but I'll try) Gates to Infinity/Super Mystery Dungeon ROM Editing - Making existing things more easily-usable and implementing existing research Rescue Team/Explorers ROM Editing - Making existing things more easily-usable and implementing existing research. Might include further research into Rescue Team portrait editing (no promises). The .Net 3DS Toolkit - Making it better and cross-platform. Will likely require a rewrite. A proof-of-concept can be seen here. The DS ROM Patcher - Making it better and adding Luma game patching support. This probably wouldn't take too long, but would take time away from everything else. Mystery Dungeon Data Website - Similar to the one available now, but would be a rewrite to support more information and more games.
  11. There's different pixel formats for CTE images. Sky Editor only supports RGB right now, but it looks like @Andibad's unFARC supports others.
  12. There used to be a view for it (not sure why it's not displaying now), although you can use the Image -> Import/Export menu items to convert to and from PNG. I just tested it with the world map.
  13. I'll see what I can do. It might be a while, what with IRL work to do and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. (Although MD editing is far more interesting than IRL work, so there's really no telling when I'll find time for it.)
  14. IIRC, Sky Editor sorts strings by the string ID, rather than preserving the order in the file. When editing a message.bin file alongside a script, I usually just press the "Script Sort" button, which looks at all the string references in the script and sorts the strings by order of reference (meaning dialogue is displayed in the order it's presented in the story). A string ID is a 32 bit integer, which Sky Editor displays as signed because unluac, the best Lua decompiler I've seen, displays them as signed numbers, so it's easier to look them up. I personally would prefer it to use unsigned, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I'm not sure what you mean by some entries not having a number column, I mean, I don't remember seeing anything like that. Are you sure you're using the latest version? And here's the repo in case you're looking at the old one.
  15. Sorry, looks like I was wrong. Safehax was updated for 11.3, so I guess I just didn't see it.