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Thread: Pokémon Black and White - Script NARC

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    Pokémon Black and White - Script NARC

    Which Pokémon Black & White narc file actually contains the scripts?

    I tried searching for complete B&W narc lists but none of them appeared to point out the narc that contains the actual scripts.

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    Re: Pokémon Black and White - Script NARC

    on a/0/5/7, a/1/2/5, and some narc but i not sure is a script but is seems a script. well my computer was fixed now more fast hm maybe i try continued research some script since i just using wrong tools so is not working XD argh next week is a mid test time DX and also tinke now is more powerfull to research more and more narc on pokemon BW maybe is make me more fast than before

    PS: for now just use a HEX editor to modified them. pokemon starter BW is a simple one script editing (is just modified a value of some script).
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    Re: Pokémon Black and White - Script NARC

    To clarify, if you're looking for encounters / items etc than that's a/0/5/7

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    Re: Pokémon Black and White - Script NARC

    a002 and a003 hold storyline scripts such as NPC dialogue.

    This is also the most complete list I have found in regards to B/W NARC structure.


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