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  • Setting Up

    This tutorial is aimed at those with CFW, or those that have friends with CFW.
    I understand that there are cases where you want to do it yourself and get the trade bot to tell you your frame, but this ain't that.

    What you need
    0. Basic reading capability and ability to follow instructions
    1. Your Switch has CFW (or your friend's Switch has CFW)
    [CFW can be obtained by using this guide, if your Switch is compatible. Regardless, our tutorial's purpose isn't to guide you on how to get CFW]
    2. Latest version of PKHeX
    3. Latest Raid Plugin
    4. Latest Capture Sight on the Switch w/ CFW


    Once these are ready, these are the basic steps:
    1. Getting the wanted light from the den (so basically you already have decided what you want. Use Serebii's den list to narrow down the den)
    2. Finding out what RNG Seed you have for the active Wishing Piece'd den
    3. Finding out where the shiny frame is. If unfavorable (> 1000 resets away), obtain a new seed, by throwing down another Wishing Piece.
    You will have to restart from step 1.
    4. Date advancing; advancing your frames till you get to 3 frames before the shiny frame.
    5. Once 3 frames before shiny frames, you can SR the species by using the Invite Method to slowly advance the 3 frames.
    (once you are less than 3 frames to shiny frame, you won't be able to SR species any more.)

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    ok im not that big brain but how do i make the raid plugin work ( i also cant find a tutorial )

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