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  • Getting the RNG Seed

    This is the way to get the RNG Seed.

    Focus on the one you have (CFW or Friend w/ CFW). You only need to do either one.

    Purpose of the seed, is to know how many frames you're away from the shiny frame.




    1. Use the Display Raids of the plugin to show a Raid List (with a map) to figure out the den number.  (Note: Den IDs would be different from Serebii's page, hence why it need to be figured out)
    Scroll through the den list and see where the red dot is.

    In this example, the I wanted the Gmax Kingler raid den, and I know it's here

    If you wanted to be extra sure, the Raid Calculator would show you the Gmax in the last slot. (not 100% accurate with other slots, tho)


    2. Now throw a Wishing Piece into the Den. Get the wanted light, as per previous page.

    In my case, I need a rare nest to spawn, if I wanted Gigantamax Kingler
    1 (1).jpg

    3. Now open Capture Sight, and Scroll down to Active Den List
    1 (2).jpg

    4. Scroll down to the intended Den ID (if needed) and you'll see the Seed listed.
    1 (3).jpg

    5. You can back up the save now, if need be.


    You now got the Seed! Onward to figuring out the shiny frame!

    Note: This only works if:
    a. You friend is physically near you (local connection)
    b. Your friend isn't physically near you, but you both have a Nintendo Online subscription (able to connect online)


    1. Get the wanted light, as per previous page
    1 (1).jpg

    2. Save before the den (I'll advise you to change back the text speed)

    3. Connect your Y-comm online
    (only if your friend isn't physically near you. Will require Nintendo Online subscription to go Online)

    4. Host the raid for your friend. Go to Home, close your game, then restart your game once the animation shows your character's knees.
    (The knees is the earliest point you can close your game. Really you can quit to Home any time during the raid. Just don't catch the hosted mon)
    Your friend will still be in the raid.
    2 (1).jpg

    5. At this point, you should be back at the purple light, while your friend is in the raid.
    Your friend needs to catch the Pokémon. You need to keep the exact same raid untouched. (so the den is still active)
    2 (2).jpg

    6. Your friend needs to place the newly catched Pokémon into their party, then Save the game.
    2 (3).jpg
    2 (4).jpg
    (If your Friend doesn't save, it might not appear on Capture Sight)

    7. Your friend needs to boot up Capture Sight and scroll down to Party Pokemon
    1 (2).jpg

    8. In Party Pokemon, choose the newly caught Pokemon, show the PID/EC and IVs.
    2 (5).jpg

    9. With the PID/EC and IVs, and using the Raid Seed Finder of the plugin, the seed can be found.

    You now got the Seed! Onward to figuring out the shiny frame!


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