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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Pokémon Crystal, Silver & Gold (ENG) 100% ALL Shiny All shiny, Level 100 from 1 to 251 Game Boy Color (GBC) Nintendo 3DS (VC)
  2. Pokemon Metallic This Pokemon Gold hack is meant to recreate the Gold experience while also not taking too much away from it. Below are all the features and notes. (((Players and feedback needed))) Second Release Update WE'RE ALMOST DONE!!! A few mapping changes based off feedback were done. The game is now playable past the Pokemon League. I've edited Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Erika, and Janine's gyms (Please go in that order for your own sake). If you want to explore some more of the mapping just to get a glimpse, you can. Feedback on some of those things would be nice too, just be lenient since I haven't polished that up yet, however I am definitely up for some suggestions. I have yet to edit Wild Pokemon in this region because I need suggestions from you guys. I've gone through and edited some of the things that were brought to my attention while people were playing. I've balanced out the beginning of the game so it's not too difficult. I hope to continue working on that and I may even go through and change some moves around again because there's a lack of status changing moves especially in the beginning of the game. Mud Slap's accuracy lowering rate was fixed to 10% since it's strong. Also I edited most of the Pokemon in the first gym to not have Mud-Slap. However I haven't released the edited Move Change document because I hope to change some more. I changed the wild Pokemon encounters early along so it's not too easy and you're not getting too many rarities earlier in the game. Download: [link removed] Emulator recommended: VBA It's important to read the documents I've provided before/while playing this game since they contain all the new information for the game including evolutions, move changes, and Pokemon stat changes. (Note: The Pokemon stat changes sheet does not include uneveolved forms since they are not crucial) Features: ⦁ Slightly simplified/revamped/prettier maps (Most caves are simplified; direct paths instead of walking through grass). ⦁ New evolutions for some Pokemon, which are done through stones (i.e. Remoraid has three evolutions; Lapras, Mantine, & Octillery). ⦁ New starters (see below) ⦁ You can see all Pokemon for your pokedex through battles and some can be found in the wild. ⦁ Most Pokemon that are edited evolve at level 30. Most stone evolutions should be done at level 30 as well (see evolutions document). ⦁ All HM's aren't necessary in this game. The move Cut only needs to be used once. Whirpool and Flash do not need to be used at all. ⦁ Trade evolutions are done through stones. ⦁ Chansey/Blissey training areas. ⦁ Wild Pokemon and trainers have been edited. ⦁ Evolution Stones, power up items (i.e. mystic water, charcoal, etc.) and lucky eggs are available at the Goldenrod City Department Store. Mystery Berries, Miracle Berries, PP UP, MooMoo Milk, Exp. Share, HP Up, Iron, and Max Revives can be purchased in Ecruteak City. ⦁ More dragons. (i.e. Yanma, Onix, Steelix, Arbok, Aerodactyl, Victreebell, Gyarados) ⦁ For badges 9-16, you should go in this order: Lt. Surge, Misty, Brock, Janine, Erika (travel up the biking road [sorry I had to find a way to order them]), Sabrina, Blaine (travel south from Fuscia City), Blaine (be sure to talk to Blue near the Pokemon center in [what remains of] Cinnibar Island, and then travel back to Viridian for your 16th badge from Blue. ⦁ This game is more difficult than the original so training is important. This shouldn't be difficult with VisualBoyAdvance since it has a speed up setting which I suggest you keep handy if needed. Toward the beginning of the game, please be sure to have Pokemon that either don't evolve, or Pokemon that evolve by level handy. Around the second gym, you will be probably between level 20-30. Pokemon who evolve by stone this early in the game need to be evolved at level 30, so if you hit level 30, don't level it past that UNTIL you get to Goldenrod Department Store to evolve them. This is to ensure that you get the best moveset, as most evolved Pokemon learn a better moveset at level 30 when they evolve. ⦁ Nearly 100 moves have been edited (every type has at least one move that does 120 damage and 12 PP; some move types have changed as well as their effects; also grass types are more useful now). ⦁ Most Pokemon have a split between their defense/special defense so they're equal. This is also done with Pokemon who have attack and apecial attack types. (Note: this applies to the edited pokemon.) ⦁ If a Pokemon is a special attack based pokemon (i.e Alakazam) then they will learn special attack based moves and will likely lack in the attack stat since it's kind of unneccessary. Pokemon who have a physical and a special type (i.e. Stantler, who is now Normal/Psychic) will have an even divide between attack and special attack and the type of moves they learn will match that. (Note: this applies to the edited pokemon.) ⦁ Over 100 Pokemon have had their movesets, types, stats, or evolutions edited, creating an interesting twist to the game. Pokemon that are normally weak (i.e. Ledian, Butterfree, and Beedrill) have higher and more balanced stats/moves. ⦁ "Twin" Pokemon, which are Pokemon designed to share the same base stats and usually their growth rates/base exp. are the same. (i.e. Weezing and Muk have the same stat base of 535 and the same growth rate/base exp. along with their unevolved forms) (Yes, I'm aware "twins" refers to TWO individuals, which was the original plan, however there are some "triplets" who were added after I coined the phrase while developing this game). ⦁ Some Pokemon, instead of typical evolution, share the same stats as their evolved form. (i.e. Scyther and Scizor share the same base stats, growth rates, and base exp. but Scizor is like a "defensive" version of Scyther, who is more offensive.) ⦁ Since this game takes place before the special/physical split (see below for types), Pokemon stats are designed around their types. (i.e. Gengar was a special attack based Pokemon, but ghost (ironically) was considered a physical attack type, so naturally, I gave Gengar more attack). (Note: this applies to the edited pokemon.) Physical Types: Normal, Rock, Ground, Poison, Fighting, Ghost, Bug, Flying, Steel Special Types: Water, Fire, Electric, Ice, Dark, Psychic, Dragon, Grass Known Glitches: ⦁ PLEASE DON'T ENTER THE DOOR IN THE GOLDENROD TUNNEL TO GO TO THE BASEMENT UNTIL AFTER YOUV'E BEATEN THE 7TH BADGE AND GONE THROUGH THE GOLDENROD RADIO TOWER!!!! TRAINERS HERE ARE EXTREMELY HIGH LEVEL AND A GLITCH WON'T ALLOW ME TO FIX THE ENTRANCE, SO UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE INSTANTLY, PLEASE DON'T! ⦁ Swimmers will appear swimming when you encounter them even if they cross onto land. Nothing major, the battles work the same, they just swim on land (lmao). Starters Goldeen Voltorb Sandshrew Water/Psychic Electric/Steel Ground/Poison HP: 55 HP: 30 HP: 60 Atk: 70 Atk: 65 Atk: 85 Def: 50 Def: 55 Def: 65 Spd: 55 Spd: 80 Spd: 50 S.Atk: 70 S. Atk: 65 S.Atk: 25 S.Def: 50 S.Def: 55 S.Def: 65 Total: 350 Total: 350 Total: 350 Starter Evolutions Seaking Electrode Sandslash HP: 65 HP: 55 HP: 100 Atk: 105 Atk: 110 Atk: 125 Def: 100 Def: 70 Def: 85 Spd: 60 Spd: 120 Spd: 95 S.Atk: 105 S.Atk: 110 S.Atk: 45 S.Def: 100 S.Def: 70 S.Def: 85 Total: 535 Total:535 Total:535 POKEMONGOLDHACKMOVES.rtf POKEMONGOLDHACKPOKEMON.rtf POKEMONGOLDHACK.rtf POKEMONGOLDTWINSANDEVOS.rtf
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