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  1. You don't need to switch back. Just play the game straight off after editing it with Pokesav.
  2. Hi guys! I play Pokemon Platinum on no$gba emulator, and noticed that Pokesav doesn't allow me to complete the sinnoh pokedex in one go (the complete option is greyed out.) I'd like to have a complete sinnoh pokedex so I can get the national dex and unlock stark mountain, better elite four, resort area etc. I don't want to check the "sinnoh + national pokedex" because I think it'll freeze when I try to get the national dex from Oak/Rowan. I just started a new game, and I'm trying to speedrun it you see (not going to cheat too badly :creep:) Is there a way you can get the full pokedex? It would be a bigger bonus if you could complete the national dex too :cool:
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