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  1. If ypu want contact me in Discord Gallagher93#0081
  2. I done all Square Shiny, all Pokémon and also with HA. And Gmax with Batch editor
  3. Made also Darmanitan and Darmanitan Zen. Working properly.
  4. I made Scorbunny, Sobble, Eldegross and Rillaboom Square Shiny. Can someone let me know for other pokemon? Is there nay update ?
  5. And Rillaboom? Same? I have tried to edit a lot of time
  6. I tried the same program to this guy but is not working . Because are crashing. And he put a limitation on your pc with this program. So.... as you wish. I ask a refund on PayPal .
  7. You can edit this Pokémon only by Batch Editor I made all Pokémon gen 8 (no sobble no rillaboom and thievul and evo). and also square shiny
  8. Can you send here your SWSH save? I need one complete to put square shiny
  9. Can you please share this convertor!? I will able to help with It
  10. I use that ...but the data in the game are 00/00/2000....why?
  11. Why, when I use the Batch editor, in the game pokemon sword/shield he tells me, egg obtained on 00/00/2000?????????
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