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  1. How Can i do that? I dont have pksm, can I do that also with pkhex?
  2. Oh okay, can you mention the other mons not working please?
  3. So I must randomize the pid and home encrypt for each pokemon file right? I made a full box of legal Rillaboom in Pkhex then transfered the file, but the pokebank freezes. I will try to randomize the pid and the encrypt, putting level 92 and valley bridge as egg location and I will let you know if that worked. Thanks for your response tho!
  4. How Can I do that by myself? The converter is working but how Can I do for example this Indeedee from scratch? Can I for example make a legal mon with pkhex and convert it or do I have to batch edit?
  5. I'm sorry to bother again. The pokebank is crashing with some Pokemons. I drag them individually into my own file in Pkhex then when I put them in the bank is crashing. Is it because I i must trasnfer one species at the time or there is something wrong with them? The Pokemons I tried to transfer all at once are these: Rillaboom Sobble Skwovet Greedent Nickit Thievul Gossifleur Eldegoss Yamper Boltund Applin Flapple Appletun Centiskorch Cursola Indeedee Galarian Yamask Runerigus
  6. What you mean for tap his ability? Can I do the same in pkhex since I don't have PKSM? Thanks
  7. It worked flawlessly now! Thanks!
  8. Okay thank you, I will try and let you know!
  9. So you suggest to try with only that 2 boxes?
  10. I don't know how to edit it, plus with the other mons everything was fine even if they had only one move
  11. I didn't edit it, I used the one in the file you provided. I checked and it was legal. How can I fix it?
  12. thank you so much for your response! Sorry to bother but I have another question, yesterday I tried to trade Cursola online and it didn't let me, any suggestion on how to fix?
  13. I Couldn't transfer Rapidash from the bank to Pokemon Home, how can i fix it? Is it normal that in the poke bank the sprite is from Kantonian Rapidash right?
  14. I live in Europe, so that is strange
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