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  1. Maybe home update fix those variant forms. Cause when I drag the pokemon to SwSh on pkhex I still see them as galar variant.
  2. No they can't as some moves not available in gen 7 will cause hard crash when pokebank saving.
  3. Well I'm done with this cause I have my cfw switch now so I will share my save. My save have all galar pokemons included variant forms ( ofcourse not included 7 pokemons which cause crashed ) From box 1-4 are normal shiny, box 5-8 are square shiny. FYI change SID,TID of those square shiny will make them not square shiny anymore, you have to re-roll them again. You can deposits all boxes at one time, you will got crashed after pokebank saving which mean Pokemon still successfully deposited to pokebank. If you got hard crashed then delete the legendaries, deposits each boxes each t
  4. I was able to transfers all Galar pokemons ( except 7 mons cause crash ) at one though. The crash will happen after disconnect from the server, not when saving. When login Pokebank again, all pokemons should appear in the bank.
  5. I'm too lazy to upload my save , AsteroidPizza39 save work fine, just need to delete those 7-9 crashed pokemons. And I think download another save can't help you, to be safe you need to change OT name, PID, EncryptionConstant. Without batch editor you can't do anything. Suggest you re-download pkhex or ask for support in forum/discord.
  6. I think tomorrow or the next day AsteroidPizza39 will update this save, wait for it. If you want to change some details you have to learn to use batch editor, no one can do it for you. I just saw your code have Egg_Location and EggMetDate, when your box is full of Kyurem, Kyurem can't breed/hatch.
  7. Try delete all the spaces, enters if the code have. I saw lots of spaces.
  8. you can make square shiny if you keep random PID until it match xor 0 in gen 8, keep trying random PID and drag the pokemon to gen 8 window to check.
  9. I only trade Galarian pokemons ^^. Already made all square shiny galarian pokemons and variant forms, now just hope those 7 can be fix and if we can make Gigantamax it will be awesome. Wonder if we can made those DLC pokemons when DLC release.
  10. Chewieee said some pokemons can't trade but I success trading all pokemons ( except the crashed one ) to my friend just fine
  11. Some code is wrong Delete those 7 then you can transfer at easy, I have done it many times Rilaboom, Sobble, Greedent, Gossifleur, Eldegoss, Nicket, Thievul.
  12. Does it mean you find a way to transfer those 9 pokemons which cause crash? Actually only 7, I can transfer Scorbunny and Skwovet. All forms for alcremie too? I can only add 9 main forms, can't edit berry flavor. And any hope for Gigantamax? For others: you can make square shiny if you keep random PID until it match xor 0 in gen 8, keep trying random PID and drag the pokemon to gen 8 window to check.
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