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  1. Yeah I'm kinda having some problem too, trying to import Manaphy Egg into Diamond. I followed the guide, but i'm still wondering what I have to do after all the saving part to actually see the egg inside the game. Hoping somebody replies.
  2. Ok, maybe I need a little help. Pokemon Diamond, trying to add the Manaphy Egg using the pgt file shared in this site. In the picture, here's what I get. Nothing on the Received List. Am I doing this correctly? And after all this, should I use the Mystery Gift option when I open the game in some sort of way? Thanks for the help!
  3. Guys I'm sorry for the question but I looked everywhere in the forum and I can't seem to find out... I just downloaded the save converter but what is the format I have to choose among the ones provided by the converter in order to get the standard SAV file? Is it Raw Format? Does this work to convert from DeSmuMe to No$gba? Thanks
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