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  1. There is a minor bug for the Traditional Chinese Name of Zarude. The Highlighted word is Simplified Chinese which will not show properly in the game for Language of Traditional Chinese. Please help to fix it, thank you.
  2. There is a problem about the editor. After loading the wc6 file and save as a new wc6 file without modifying anything, the CRC code of the new wc6 file becomes different compared with the original one. I think somewhere in the editor may corrupt the wc6 file when loaded.
  3. German Entei enjoy it~~~~ 60 German Winter 2011 Shiny Entei.zip
  4. The attachments are Korean Ash's Pikachu and German Winter Shiny Raikou, enjoy it. 59 German Winter Shiny Raikou.zip Korean Ash's Pikachu.zip
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