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  1. sorry i forgot to reply now i can play with them
  2. thank you for answering! i'm going to correct them now. and in youtube i've seen an arceus in online mode.
  3. Well, i have a little problem with the online mode of Pokemon battle revolution, because it says more or less: alert. some of your pokemon can't fight. you can think that it's a legality problem, but the legality checker sais my pokemon are "wild NDS or GBA" or "normal NDS or GBA" and i can transfer it normally. can somebody tell me what's the problem of the pokemon? i think maybe it happens because all are legendary pokemon. i upload it so maybe you can realise whats the problem: Thank you for your answer 1.pkm 2.pkm 3.pkm 4.pkm 5.pkm 6.pkm
  4. i´ve tried all but it's always wrong! it never is valid! :frown: Sabresite please, could you make my pokemon legal? I would like to play with them on Pokemon Battle Revolution my two other pokemon. please i expect your help! :redface: darkrai.pkm mewtwo.pkm
  5. my 12 pokemon, mi normal team and my legendary team: normal team: legendary team: the other 2 pokemon are darkrai and mewtwo but i can't upload more files machamp.pkm metagross.pkm garchomp.pkm electivire.pkm charizard.pkm swampert.pkm kyogre.pkm raikou.pkm rayquaza.pkm arceus.pkm
  6. hi i need some help i want to convert my ilegal pokemon to legal but even using Trash byte fixer and legal cheker i can't make legal pokemon for online battles on PBR! can somebody help me?? I'm spanish, sorry if i speak english wrong
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