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  1. thanx for your help but it is the same... whether i open directly the main file or first pkhex then save file...
  2. i open pkhex first... then open the save from it...
  3. yea they both are updated to the latest version yesterday before testing...
  4. Whenever i try to open Display raid i am having this error but previously i was not having that.... so pls help me... Exception Details: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Int32[] PKHeX.Core.PersonalTable.GetAbilities(Int32, Int32)'. at PKHeX_Raid_Plugin.RaidTemplate.ConvertToPKM(UInt64 seed, UInt32 tid, UInt32 sid) at PKHeX_Raid_Plugin.RaidTemplateExtensions.ConvertToPKM(RaidTemplateTable[] denDetails, RaidParameters raidParameters, UInt64 hash, UInt32 TID, UInt32 SID) at PKHeX_Raid_Plugin.RaidManager.GenerateFromIndex(RaidParameters raidParame
  5. what is problem in it??? change the ability and for legitility it must have correct den or hatched...
  6. first of all pokemon home is not paid and if you want to transfer using pkhex you cann't as you have to create a new on gen 8 or copy from gen 7 and the finest is to copy just save the gen 7 pokemon as a .pk file and then open the swsh save and open the .pk file and you are done... if the pokemon is transferrable to swsh game then it will be legit...
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