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  1. yes sir i know that , i’m just missing the black and purple (shiny) marshadow
  2. anybody have marshadow shiny(one that actually looks shiny) zeraora shiny ^^
  3. i was able to transfer all 3 at the same time, but only them 3 , or you can try deleting every pokémon using pksm and only leave 1 shony dog and try uploading it to pokémon bank it should work
  4. you only need to have 1 pokemon, example when i’m transferring shiny melmetal i only have melmetal in my boxes i can transfer 11 box at a time but it has to be only melmetal , make several save files of that one pokémon, in some cases i was able to transfer many pokemons but mainly i do 1 at a time
  5. yea i just check and drag that pk7 into pkhex for sword and it showed the ice one , thanks for the reply
  6. hey bro i got a question i downloaded your saved main, i try galar weezing but when it transfer over it turn into regular weezing ( couldn’t trade it) after i also try darmanitan galar form when it transfer over it turn into the fire one with ice moves you know why ?
  7. sorry to keep on bugging that that slowpoke has a problem , i couldn’t do the giveaway it said something was wrong with the pokémon
  8. there is main file somewhere in the comments , it does work only have 1 monster when uploading to pokemon bank
  9. got it , can i unload 1 full box of melmetal or single repeat until box is full? i just read your previous comment and you answer my question there thank you
  10. sorry again i got the melmetal save but everytime i transfer 1 at the time and same the 3ds crashes any ideas why ?
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