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  1. Hi @StarsMmd, idk if u are still interested to see gameplay of your XD hackrom but yesterday I began the game in Twitch (I reach Agata Village and I purified all my shadow mons). Today I am gonna go Mt. Battle and Shadow Pokémon Lab and let's see new Shadow Mons and other stuff. I am doing a "Thieflocke", my chat decides if I steal non-shadow Mons for normal trainers (I stole an Abra, Magnemite and Squirtle :P). Usually I stream daily Pokémon XG: Next Gen Thieflocke at 3 PM (CET), but today I host a tournament Gen 6 OU in Showdown and I will do XG later. Idk if u will read this but I hope yes. My stream is spanish but I will be so happy if u come and we can talk a bit in english :). Greetings, my twitch channel is www.twitch.tv/SrDragonaso.
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