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  1. It was the first one that I found that seemed to ask about my problem, it's the first time I'm using PkHex, and yes, the delivery guy appeared at last for me, but I have other 3 mystery gifts that appear as obtained in the wonder card, but I dont have them, neither the delivery guy nor in the bag, the items are the Mystery Key, the darkrai one (members pass, I think?) and the Oak Letter, I read that I should use the Mystery gift editor 1.4.2 version, but it's not available, only the 1.4.3 (which seems to have problems with GenIV games), so now I have that issue. Thanks for replyng!
  2. hi, im trying to get the mistery gifts, but the delivery guy that has to give them to me doesnt appear, how did you solve this? Thanks in advance!
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