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  1. This comment is for V1.30. I love the game and all of it's improvements. It's been nothing but a blast planning for future battles and figuring out what works well and finding out what doesn't. While not game breaking, I've noticed that some eggs (haven't had the chance to get all of them) hatch at the same friendship level as a caught wild pokemon (70), instead of the normal (130). Also, in the pokemon changes, it states that Togepi's base friendship is 180, but it also started out with 70 friendship. This was noticed though using the friendship checker while raising their friendship for evolution. I've noticed it with Togepi, Mime Jr., and Riolu. Hopefully it's just a glitch for me and doesn't affect others. Not a huge deal, as Drayano has given us PLENTY of TM's to use to raise their happiness. Edit/Update: I caught a wild Azurill that started at 180 happiness, so maybe it was one time only, or maybe it's only eggs?
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