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  1. I looked at this file: Gen 7 - USUM Project 807.main There were 3 Necroyzmas next to each other in Box 30 I believe with the Dusk/Dawn former found in Sun/Moon.
  2. Would like to know this too. I'm pretty new to this, I've been looking over them and the warning signs I see atm are the Necroyzma Dusk/Dawn that were found on Sun/Moon? Thought they'd have to be on US/UM?
  3. Hey, As Pokemon Home released recently I thought about the potential of downloading a save for US/UM, and exporting the pokemon on that save to bank>home>Sw/Sh. However I'm not sure if this would he safe to do. I'm very new to pokemon fields and etc. and from looking at PkHeX, I see fields like PID/SID/TID/OT to name the immeadiate ones. If I want to use a save for the purpose I've described, should I be wanting to make it so all these pokemon have unique IDs and etc. And if so, what fields should I change and what's the best way to do it? Thanks
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