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  1. The horse I am talking about the location I know is shiny locked . for the shiny birds was example even the suicune I caught give me error and Yvettel same thing
  2. I tried with all my legit caught legendary like articuno and make sure XOR =1 still show invalid static encounters shiny mismatch also Glastrier give illegal for met location even I put the right location
  3. First thank you for your hard work. Is this save for switch or 3ds
    I haven’t use this fill I want to know can this use to transfer for home because I read some where home can detect clone and delete possible ban even they created legit but since many people used them would that made them clone and flag ? Please anyone know can give me answer and thanks to the creator
  4. I’m new I don’t really understand good can anyone trade me Pokémon like lunala, solegaleo, necrozma or zeraora, I own a patched switch so I can’t hack my self. But I prefer mon pass the legit test to avoid ban I don’t want me or anyone ban trade me if only we are safe Add me on Pokémon home friend code : FQEKNXCZLHDA thanks in advance
  5. Sorry I’m new I read the whole 2 pages but I still don’t understand the home thing yet. My question can I use pkhex to create mons than send them to home than sword/shield. I own Pokémon sword and a patched I don’t have a 3ds or poke bank. Thanks for any info
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