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  1. out of curiosity, what exactly did you do on your cfw switch? surely it wasnt just pokemon save file editing?
  2. Read what Skauge said. Also to anyone asking what the "safest" option is, no one here works at gf or Nintendo. There is only one absolutely safe option which is to gen the mons legally in 3ds games and transfer them into home. As for swsh safety what skauge said is pretty definitive
  3. Hi, Kurt, just wanted to clarify something with you. Given what you said it seems relatively safe to go from Gen 7 -> HOME -> Gen 8 since Home doesn't assign more than one Tracker Value, but what if you did the reverse? If you genned, for example Five Zekrom directly into SwSh without a HOME Tracker value, and then uploaded them into HOME, and then transferred them back into your save file, would that be safe? Or is Genning Pokemon that must have come from Gen 7-> Gen 8 directly into SwSh (meaning they'd have no tracker) and then uploading them to Home not recommended? Sorry if your post means just that (I.e. Gen 8 to HOME for a tracker value). I just took it to mean for Gen 7 -> HOME. Apologies if I misunderstood it. Also, another question, you said that duplicate HOME Trackers are deleted if they're in HOME, does that apply to every Pokemon in all of the database, or just ones on the same account? Because I cloned my Gen 7 pokemon that were transferred from HOME legitimately and gave them out, so was just curious how the identical tracker thing would work across multiple people's accounts if they all had them in their HOME account.
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