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  1. Batch editor works but the thing is when i load it up to may NS (Sword) all the pokemon is "Fainted" when i check their summary all 0 stats? but in PKHex all 6iv/85EV spread.
  2. All works but zera cant trade but thanks for this. BTW do you have a data for Shiny Solga and Luna? Ow If you need some files for other Shiny's and Tradable zera i can give you
  3. I tried many times the thing is cant trade online but anyways thanks for the big help --merged, don't multipost, thanks -- (Sorry for that) Im not spamming requests in any place/sections. Just only in this section and its clearly what this section Named which is req. save files right? anyways thanks for the help
  4. Hello Can anyone give me some save files with legit legends on it came from Pokemon Home? Shinys? Thanks.
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