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  1. I have these pokemon ready and would be very grateful if someone can trade them to me in Sword/Shield. We can either trade in-game or through Home.
  2. Does anyone have a list of all the different forms of specific pokemon? I'm sure Megas and Gmax are recorded, but what else are included?
  3. So, I have Moon, but not Ultra Moon. I also have an unhacked Switch which I do not plan on hacking. I was wondering, if I provided the PkHex files for various Pokemon (Ultra Beasts from UltraSun/UltraMoon and Gen 8), would it be possible for someone to trade them to me once Home comes out? I know it may take time simply to trade them all (and also for me to prepare the files), I'm just curious whether someone is willing to do this and to what extent (how many would be too much)? Thanks UPDATE: Someone has offered to try to help, but isn't 100% sure. I just want to bring the topic back up since I have started working on the pkm files. I have a few pokemon only available in US/UM that I would like traded to me through Home (since they aren't available in Sw/Sh). I also would like at least all the gigantamax pokemon available and the legendaries of Sw/Sh traded to me either through Sw/Sh OR in Home (again, I can provide the files). Thanks again to anyone willing to help!
  4. This helps a lot. I dont normally use bulbapedia but i did see this exact image. Unfortunately i Thought it was just organized weirdly and didnt put together that those moves “equal” each other in a sense. Thanks a lot!!
  5. I am preparing for Pokemon Home and I never really played the gen 5 games so I don't know how Kyurem works with it's forms. I only know that it fuses with Zekrom/Reshiram and that the moves Glaciate and Scary Face should be on Kyurem (i think) but nothing else. What moves become what and who should they be on? As far as I know, the form takes the stats nature etc of the initial Kyurem. I have a similar question on how Necrozma and it's forms work, but I don't think it is as complicated as Kyurem right?
  6. Alright. As far as I know, I have been doing everything correctly. I have been going through event legendary pokemon (specifically those with exclusive attacks, Hidden Abilities, and shinies) as well as Raichu with Fly (since it can learn Surf in SwSh). there are so many pokemon and the thought of making each from scratch is undesired, but simply taking smogon sets are also a bit undesired so im in a pickle lol at least mega evolutions dont exist or else i would have to worry about making things like a physical attacking mewtwo and all
  7. But doesnt it matter where my met location and all that is? I just realized there are some pokemon unavailable in Moon but available in Ultra Moon. These pokemon cannot be brought into my save for purposes of sending them to Pokemon Bank, correct?
  8. I want to make a brand new save file on my pokemon Moon. I then want to look like I traded all the pokemon (including events) to this new save file. What steps do I need to take to make it look like all those pokemon look traded, including having my own name as the original trainer (except on event pokemon with specific OT)?
  9. That's still good news if you ask me I'm in luck here haha. Again, I want to thank you for taking the time to help me out! I'm currently looking through event pokemon until I am able to get PkHex and dig into it all. I get the feeling I am far from getting to my goal.
  10. Sorry, it seems I had picked up moon a little bit sometime during may again Also this seems like it would be quick, the hardest part is just reading through it step by step and understanding what to do. I appreciate the response and will probably do it in a few hours when I am able to get to a laptop again.
  11. Okay so I wanted to use PkHex and I was reading around about homebrewing my 3DS. I haven't played since around when Moon got released, which I played a little bit. My 3DS is on version 11.6.0 and it seems like I can't use PkHex unless I buy a specific sd card (which I do not want to do). I'm also very confused on what to do exactly because I tried to do smealums browserhax which I guess I can't do because of my version. I did this once before in the middle of X/Y and as far as I remember, I just put some files onto the 3ds's SD card, then scanned a code (very blurry memory though). Is anyone able to give me advice or even a step by step on what I shoould be doing?
  12. I appreciate this VERY much! Thank you! Will be looking into this and everything :)
  13. Hi everyone. I am a very new member and after posting this topic, I will be researching how to get started on my goal to obtain every competitively trained pokemon, including event pokemon. Here is where it gets more complicated: -My 3DS is NOT hacked and I have not touched it since Sun/Moon came out (so it has not been updated since) -I have Pokemon X/Y with most of what I want up to that generation (excluding event pokemon) -I have Pokemon Sun/Moon with almost no gameplay (a few hours in) And my question: -Will I be able to hack my 3DS and use PkHex? -Is there any possible way to hack in "future pokemon" (such as Sword/Shield pokemon) [I have no faith in this actually being a thing, but I thought I might as well ask] -Is there a PkHex file list of every pokemon already competitively trained or would I need to do all that manually again? -Is there a PkHex file list of every EVENT/GIFT pokemon as well? I would love any help I get to helping me (and hopefully others) get started on this goal. Thanks in advanced! EDIT: I have found where I can obtain different files, although I haven't looked in detail for what I specifically asked, I am sure I can find what I want. ALSO WOULD LIKE TO NOTE THAT I AM LOOKING FOR LEGIT POKEMON ONLY!
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