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  1. Why doesn't the 3DS Link feature come up? I've saved the game at White Forest and beat the elite 4/champ
  2. Yes I was in the Pokemon Center of White Forest when I saved. I'll try to ask the tool makers thanks for the help though
  3. Yea I saved the game in White Forest and went to check the tool but the 3DS Link feature still wasn't there
  4. why does the 3ds link option not appear for me i beat the champ alrdy
  5. Yeah since it's impossible due to the strictness of IVs during the 2 Gens. Thanks for your help though.
  6. Oh shoot my bad I was showing one of the working mons. It seems to be working for the perfect IV ones but any other IVs would mark it as illegal PID: 7942EF72 Also idk if its just me but the SID it displays on the site makes it a shiny
  7. Method 1 Seed: C69FB838 PID: 7942EF72 Ability: 0 Gender: 114 SID: 20056
  8. Well this site is giving me working PIDs but I'm not sure if it's a good source: https://sites.google.com/site/ivtopidapplet/home
  9. Just tried it but nothing's coming up either
  10. 31/30/30/31/31/31 (HP Ice) with a Timid, Modest, or Bold nature
  11. So with all the PID restrictions of Gen RSE/DPPT, then its definitely then its impossible?
  12. Ok thanks for the guide. I'm currently trying to modify my Zapdos, but what I'm seeing is that it's impossible to get perfect IVs? Nothing generates when I try to generate PIDs.
  13. So I'm having trouble with what the title says. The only thing I'm changing for my Pokémon are the IVs and nature, only because I don't want to grind for hours for a "perfect" Pokémon. It happens with every Pokémon but egg hatched ones. So basically I'm really asking how to fix the Encounter PID Mismatch issue for legendaries.
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