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  1. I finally got through to the post game and was able to choose which form I wanted to evolve into, so it all worked out okay.
  2. I see now you always get the first evo, which is male, with the scarf. Should I still be able to evolve to F-Meowstic alright in the postgame? Haven't done any evolving in SMD before so I'm not really familiar with how it works, especially with pokemon with multiple forms. Sorry for the probably obvious question, and thanks for the super quick reply and awesome tool.
  3. Similarly, I've been playing as an Espurr and it seems like I end up as a male Meowstic regardless of which of the two Meowstic species I set under "Evolution." I was hoping to play as a Female Meowstic, not sure if I'm missing something or if it's not possible at the moment.
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