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  1. Have you tried re-injecting the save you had prior the modifications (a backed up one) ? What happends when you try to put the save in pkhex again (the one that is crashing) ? Could be tied to many things, are your games running under 1.3.0 ? is your SD card exfat or fat32 ? are your homebrews (both HBmenu & JKSV) updated ? I've been using JKSV quite a lot since 1.3.0 release some days ago, haven't got any issue so far, I could give you my save to test if you wanna test it, may also happends if your game is running under a lower version than 1.3.0 and if you tried to add somethin
  2. The last think you could try is either make a new profile on the CFWed switch and try to trade with a new save (and then copy all the data from pkhex to the profile's save) or even install the other version you don't have on it and try with it, cause this technique looks very risky.
  3. It is risky indeed, I wouldn't do it, but if it's the only option, well there's nothing else to try, it's probably tied with some CFW issues, maybe tied to the type of bootloader you're using. I'm not expert-enough for this, maybe it could be tied to the firmware version (like legit switch being 10.2.0 and CFW running on 9.x.x) I don't know, dudes on this thread came up with many possibilities and nothing worked but the final option. If you've made it work, would be cool to share it so we'll know about it if somebody comes accross the same issue. GL !
  4. Had the same problem when I started doing it, I was using the same legit game on the same profile but on 2 different switches, don't know if it could be the problem, but it eventually started working after disabling airplane mode without 90DNS/Incognito (which shouldn't impact LAN anyway) and after setting a trade password like 11111111 on both consoles. Test it by setting a trade password on both console, same code, if consoles still can't reach eachothers, then try to mess up with your SD card like this dude did on this thread and got it work If it's still not working, then
  5. Item got deleted, it was there at the beginning but eventually ended being deleted. (Note that the item had a ? icon placeholder when it was available)
  6. PkHex needs to be updated to match the saves, so lets have to wait untill it is, you won't be able to use PkHex for the mean time unless you've got older saves to match current PkHex's version.
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