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  1. Aaah i had that problem to ... the nothing is getting changed bit... Your probably using a downloaded rom....i had that to nothing changed... i got a Legit rom from a friend of mine who owns the game . i dont get that problem anymore. i get a different one but i made my thread about it .
  2. I'm gonna try that thread out ... And its a m3simply .... it saves 512kb .sav format ... dous that need converting ? EDIT: Nova your thread is for people that have 256kb save files. i have a 512kb save file.
  3. First of all ... dont hijack my thread Secondly ... If you look on the main site you see a nice guide there that explains everything. Thirdly ....Make a new topic
  4. Yup its Platinum ... And well i lost my original save file so i started again. After Dawn taught me to catch a pokemon There i tried to edit it.
  5. Hey, First of all could one of the mods delete my other thread ? When i put a edited Sav file on my Sdcard and boot up the game it starts all over to the "Welcome to the pokemon world" part... anyone know why ? thanks
  6. I'm having this problem to... i made a thread. but no one is replying I suposse the pokesav platinum version isn't fully compatible yet with pokemon platinum.
  7. Hey all, I need some help Orite...i load the .SAV file to the pokesav program and edit what i wanna edit. But when i put the the Edited .SAV file back on the Sd card and load the game, Nothing has changed. Everything is the same, all my editing just undo'd it self and and returned to the old .SAV file i deleted. I dont know why So could you please help me ? I have a M3 Simply card & a 1 GB Kingston MSD card. And the game is POKEMON PLATINUM. Thanks EDIT: This is my Edited Save file http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7ON15CL3 Have i done anything wrong ?
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