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  1. @Gridelin you going to update today with the english save?
  2. @theSLAYER you are absolutlily corect. So Basically all alolan variants for now are invalid and Kantonian only those 3 you mentioned. About gigantamax, You can make Snorlax already avaiable as it will be featured on the new event. But metalmetal and Toxicitry are not yet. Like slayers said before you can make all you want avaiable on box 20. But those pokemons will not even be tradable as online checks will prevent them for now.
  3. Did you guys try with an everstone? Acordding to serebii and bulbapedia the mechancis changed to be always regional version unless the parents have everstone.
  4. @Tomo4 you are right that they are unavaiable but did you try putting an everstone on the parents?
  5. Heres the file if you want Edit: I deleted the save as I'm not sure of the consequences of my save laying around with multiple downloads lol.
  6. Gridelin I can send you my save if you want? I fully completed the game on english. (already gave me all valid items as 999 and marked all pokedex entry) was about to do the full living dex... so you could combine that with yours
  7. Some pokes have them but when I click the complete pokedex it changes to the other...
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