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  1. Im going get this game now i just heard about ultra shiny and niw im trying to decide which version should i go with sword or shield
  2. Anybody have a spare codes i can ha e, i can trade something nice or if anyone has a spare it wiuld be appreciated, just got a shiby lugia i been hunting in Gen2 and i got it and niw i can close this up and finish SuMo with these shiny, and on to SwSh
  3. New Mew Toon on the scene, just thiight I'd introduce myself, since I was trying get help for the last event in SuMo hopeful of any thing, been playing since 2004, and just master breeding and shiny hunting
  4. I need two codes 8f possible I'm try use the ones here and see if they are valid , I got Ultra Moon and regular Sun version
  5. Been trying find two codes for shiny Luna And Sol been shine hunt Lugia in Gen2 for almost a month and was trying land it before my bday last week, now I'm stuck out the loop been having hard times , so I saw people on the forums are helpful , I wanted to see the wonder card for these babies
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