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  1. Great! It has a legit shiny Ho-Oh that I soft reset for. If anyone wants a copy of the save I guess it doesn't bother me. Thanks a ton, I hope you guys can get it working! Pokémon Gold Version.sav
  2. Yea, I thought that's what this was supposed to do: But using it does not change the size of the file so something isn't working. I don't really know what I'm doing with a hex editor, could I upload my save and have one of you fine folks do it for me? Thanks!
  3. Hello! I've dumped my save from my Gold cartridge and I want transfer it to Gold VC on my cfw 3ds. I've renamed it to sav.dat but it when I use checkpoint to restore the save the game says it's corrupt and initializes it. I've tried using the save converter to remove the extra bytes (or add them, whichever it does) but the file size does not change and the file still doesn't work. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. One last question, is it possible to use this save on a non-hacked 3ds? I do have a hacked 3ds, but I'd to use this save on a second 3ds as well so I can dual hint Ho-Oh. Thanks!
  5. It isn't the right file format for the VC game, but thanks a lot anyway!
  6. Right on, thanks. I still need the save file though, do you happen to have one? EDIT: Or know where I can get one?
  7. Hiyo Just wondering if anyone could help me out with a completed (or mostly completed) save for Gold VC, with Ho-Oh uncaught. Also a side question: Is pkhex compatible with VC save files? If so, I suppose I could reset the Ho-Oh encounter myself. Anywho, thanks a ton!
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