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  1. Hello, So I seem to have an issue when exporting the models and animations from PKMN Super Mystery Dungeon. For the most part, everything gets extracted perfectly fine and I can view almost all of the PKMN's models and animations. But for some reason, some PKMN like Gastly/Chandelure/Gengar (there's probably more I've missed, those are just ones I instantly noticed) are missing animations like wait, walk, or sleep. Do they perhaps use a "default" skeletal animation from another PKMN or am I just missing some files...? And how would a PKMN like Gastly use the sleep skeletal animation for the starter mod if it doesn't have one? In the end I don't really think i'm missing anything since, again, for most PKMN everything extracts fine but i'm curious what you think nonetheless! Thank you!
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