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  1. can you remove the pokemon that aren't in the game from the editor? There is no point in showing them in the editor if they can't be added to trainer teams or in the wild and its very tedious because I have to keep looking up which pokemon are in the game and which not...
  2. Hi I'm getting the same error. I used a program to merge the update + dlc with the game nsp, then used yuzu to dump the romfs of the merged file, but when trying to load the folders with the newest pknx build it gives me the same error. If you find a solution do you mind telling me how to fix it please?
  3. Is an editor for the shiny rate being worked on? If so, how long until it gets released?
  4. what is the difference between gift and static encounters, because when I open either of them they have the same data so they seem to be replicates of each other, isnt gift encounters suppossed to be like the pokemon that are given to you such as the starters? Cause my static and gift encounters have the same data...
  5. when trying to edit trainers in SW I get an error when trying to select the high level moves, can this be fixed?
  6. is there a way to set a weather to routes that shouldnt have them, so for example creating rain in the first route or randomize the weather in all routes another question, is anyone else able to edit moves, so changing their strength, accuracy etc, when I load my pokemon sword files I cant but with pk 3ds i was able to so isnt it yet a feature or am i missing it?
  7. my game is pokemon Ultra moon and im trying to edit the static encounters. for exmple, i was editing tapu koko to be able to SOS call the other tapus. To do this I would have to change the values of SOS calls to 130 and 131. Im aware legendary pokemon ultra beasts etc cant sos call, but i went to the personal editor, and under enhancements I modified the check box for SOS call success rate to 100% for all pokemon so any pokemon should always sos call. Yet this isnt happening. what can i do to force legendary pokemons etc to sos call? maybe there is a variable that serves as an
  8. to avoid the pokemons attacking each other, you have to go to the trainer editor and change the mode to Double and the check bx where it says Al Val: to the letter D( I came up to this beause if you see the values of trainers that were designed for double battles it says D) . this stops the pokemon from attaking their own team. Ive tested this on pokemon ultra moon and it works.
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