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  1. For me unchecking dual-core but not changing synchronized gpu thread and keeping the rest of Low-End Computer Settings worked. Give that a shot if you haven't already.
  2. One quick thing also. When I have the rom open for awhile (few hours) it tends to crash in the same way someone above had mentioned (freeze frame and music looping). It seems like it's just a hardware issue because once it crashes once it crashes much quicker after I try to reload the rom. After letting my PC sit for a bit it can go for a few hours again. Currently I have the recommended low-end settings on but couldn't figure out where to get to this setting (Pokémon GX (XD) Properties -> GameConfig -> Tick Synchronize GPU Thread). I unticked dual-core to see if that could change anything but haven't opened the rom yet to see if this has changed anything.
  3. Ah thanks I didn't know that! Tbh your rom hack has taught me more about Gen 6 onwards than any of the actual games lmao. And yes my grovyle at the time had an aura filter equipped makes sense. Thanks for all your hard work on this game I'm really enjoying it so far!
  4. Would like to report two bugs. Firstly my night slash on Pinsir was super effective on Chobin's Metang in the 2nd fight but dark should be neutral on a steel psychic type. Secondly, the first time an opponent used shadow sky in my runthrough it only struck one of my pokemon out but both weren't shadows. After that the move has worked fine.
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