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  1. .TeraTypeOriginal=? How to use it to make it default to the first or second attribute How to use it to make it default to the first or second attribute
  2. I would like to get the 20190705 version of pkex, but the older version is no longer available for download and I need help
  3. I want to quickly collect all of サトシ's Pokémon, I can not go through a single elf, one by one to find
  4. Eevee's eyes were so big, he felt like a vampire. It was kind of scary Geodude is very well designed
  5. When I wanted to find サトシ's Pokemon,I found that the lack of the Sirfetch’d , but it exists in the mysterious gift database,I worry about the inadequacies of the database。 I would like the database-advanced add batch command to add an add button in place
  6. Overworld8Searcher 1.0.8 The plug-in has failed. Have you considered updating the plug-in?
  7. thank you and I ask another question on the fourth floor
  8. question two gen5:Legendary Pokémon get World Ability Ribbon is Legal gen6:Legendary Pokémon get World Ability Ribbon is illegal Which one’s the right one 151 ★ - ミュウ - 10967942EF72.pk5
  9. When I updated the software and found the problem, I tried to fix the friendliness and intimacy but failed. Then I canceled all the ribbons and found that the tip was still there. I didn't know what was wrong
  10. 当我发现问题的时候,我更新了问题的时候,并发现了和朋友之间的关系和问题,但都未能成功。 在第三代和第四代 When I moved the problematic Pokemon to the 8th generation, the number of ribbons was reduced, 8 to 6,40 to 20 001 - 大头龙 - 0097C8F27853.pk7 第387章 678B6FF923B2.pk7
  11. which battle,I've never seen that before
  12. I don’t know why? The old version of PKHEX can open this save. but the Latest version of PKEX have a question?
  13. I want to know the relationship between this option and the ribbon. I can not find any relationship between this option and the legality check. Thank you。
  14. How to get all the POKEMON quickly without Plugins? Use the Batch Editor or use other means
  15. 如何获得所有的口袋妖怪 maby .Species=? (不是 pkoedex )
  16. how can I loop the Batch Editor until it's legal For example, =Legal=false .PID=$shiny But I failed,It only ran once
  17. how to get all the pokemon maby .Species=? (is not pkoedex)
  18. .RIB45_1= .RIB45_2= .RIB45_3= .RIB45_4= .RIB45_5= .RIB45_6= .RIB45_7= .RIB46_0= .RIB46_1= .RIB46_2= .RIB46_3= .RIB46_4= .RIB46_5= .RIB46_6= .RIB46_7= .RIB47_0= .RIB47_1= .RIB47_2= .RIB47_3= .RIB47_4= .RIB47_5= .RIB47_6= .RIB47_7= .RIB5_6= .RIB5_7= .RIB6_2= .RIB6_3= .RIB6_4= .RIB6_5= .RIB6_6= .RIB6_7= .RIBA_4= .RIBA_5= .RIBA_6= .RIBA_7= .RIBB_0= .RIBB_1= .RIBB_2= .RIBB_3= .RIBB_4= .RIBB_5= .RIBB_6= What do these orders mean?How do I use these commands?
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