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  1. I think he means Advanced Format, because he said not to use any forbidden cards. (The new March 2010 ban list sucks, sadly...)
  2. Will it really matter if the paint gets chipped off, seeing as the zombie's blood alone will probably cover most of the Lamborgini anyways? If I were running over zombies with a Lamborgini, I would worry more about my tires and rims more than the paint job... but that's just me.


    Hello and welcome to Project Pokemon! :biggrin: I'm sure you will be able to help out in some way on this forum. Enjoy your stay!


    Sorry, its been a few days since my last post. I don't have much time to reply to everything right now, but when I said I might build a Blackwing deck, I forgot to put this smiley :rolleyes: after it. I was just joking around.


    Yeah, it has been quite a while. I've only been able to get online for short periods of time lately because school just started back up here too... and it sucks SO much! I just started high school, and already I'm in way over my head... ( 5 honors classes, 1 A.P. Human Geography class, and a freakin' journalism class to help make the school's yearbook) with 3 essays, 2 projects, and a damn V.I.S. chart on the first week. I feel your pain, dude... Sorry... got a bit off topic there... but anyways, you are so lucky! D Draws are now unlimited, so they are very usable. The new ban list crippled my Demise OTK, so I'm thinking about running Gladiator Beasts in its place... or perhaps Blackwings. The Earthbound deck is doing great, and my Monarchs got a boost with Raiza back at 3. I probably won't be able to be on for a while, so sorry if I don't reply for a day or two when you do post.
  6. Granted, so much that you die from alcohol poisoning. I wish I didn't have so much schoolwork to do today.
  7. Couldn't have been said any better. I myself am not a muslim, nor do I say that I believe in any religion whatsoever. I consider myself to be agnostic, believing that the claims of there being or not being a god, deities, or an afterlife are ultimately unknowable. I still respect people for there beliefs/non beliefs, regardless of a few bad apples in the bunch, and believe that we should all be respectful to one another regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, background, etc. . What I dislike is when people bash each other over such things, because they have absolutely no right to force there opinions on others just because they believe they are right, and everybody else is wrong. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and just that. It is just like saying everyone who likes chocolate has good taste, while everyone else sucks because they like vanilla, or another flavor. Nobody is right, nor is anyone wrong. However, so long as there are ignorant, foolish people (such as a few people on Serebii.net) trying to start an argument over such trivial things, there will be conflict. Unfortunately, until people can just learn to accept that everyone is unique and entitled to their beliefs and opinions, this will remain unchanged. [/rant] Sorry if I offended anyone, this is just what I believe.
  8. Granted, but you become miserable with your spouse and get a divorce, losing half of all of your possessions in the process. You later realize that you got a painful, and debilitating STD from them and live the remainder of your life in agony. I wish people would stop wishing for such obscene or grotesque things on this thread.


    1. Actually, my friend just built one... and had me face it with my three decks... it was fun, but annoying at the same time. 2. Yeah, but it's strange, though... his competitive decks consist of overused archetypes (like Blackwings, Gladiator Beasts, as well as the always annoying STUN deck) as well as normal... well... "fun" decks (insect mill, regular zombie swarm, and dragon decks). Nevertheless, it is still fun to duel them, even if it is a real challenge to win. I've only had time to update the Earthbound deck today... so here it is (changes in BOLD) I'll most likely post the Archfiend deck in a day or two, when I'm not busy.


    1. Yeah, I got those too... my friend ran/ side decked them in triplicate. 2. Actually, about two days ago, I dueled someone who used cards like that. It was VERY annoying, because every time I Heavy, MST, or Twister'ed away their back field, those cards would activate. 3. Sorry I kinda overreacted. It's just when I realized that the card was so great... I just thought of so many possible combos with it... 4. Yeah... that kind of deck can usually mill through more than half of your opponent's deck in a matter of 1 to 3 turns and win a turn or two after. The owner of the hobby store I go to has basically every card too... and he has several tournament winning decks at his disposal... that he always uses against my friends and I. I've been kind of busy recently... so as soon as I finish updating/ creating the decks, I will most likely post them on this or my next reply. Thanks again for the help and suggestions.
  11. Granted, but your parachute doesn't open and you plummet towards Earth, dying in the process. I wish I could live forever, never get hurt, sick, or age and always be lucky, and be able to share this ability with friends and family.
  12. Sounds basically like what is going on right now... its like 3:30 AM right now where I am and I cannot fall asleep!:frown: Granted, you now have 100,000,000 times more work!:tongue: I wish I could fall asleep already!!!
  13. Granted... but you get arrested for hacking a government computer! I wish I could live without having to sleep.
  14. Granted, :biggrin: but then you can no longer post here. I wish my birthday wasn't over now!!! T_T
  15. EDIT: Damn... made my post too late... (deleted my previous answer) Granted, but only shows that other people like, and not ones you like. I wish I could jump as high as I want at will (not as far as outer space), and would always land safely.
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