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  1. I know this will probably be a repeated question, but after 39 pages, I thought it'd be easier to just ask again: I created a balanced version of Pokemon X with every type and every evolutionary family balanced in every way possible with each possible type combination represented one and only one time, the TMs perfectly designed for gameplay and each trainer's party updated to use each non-Legendary Pokemon on no more than 3 unique trainers. Every Legendary Pokemon evolves from a lower stage and there are only a handful of Pokemon with no evolutions. All third stage Pokemon have the same stat total, and so forth, as well as the same catch rate, same number of moves learned at the same levels and the same percentage chance of locating them or one of their evolved forms in the wild. It took me months to develop and even longer to force feed the stats in PK3DS, but it was totally worth it. The game is a lot more fun this way, and I should know since I've played through the original game literally 20 or more times including with parties of each type and this version was much more engaging. I'm not bragging or showing off (though I'd be glad to send anyone the Excel spreadsheet I used to plan it out, if you really want to go through all of the work of importing it yourselves). I'm only saying this much to show just how much work I've put into my rewrite... I've loved playing my "perfect" game, but I've been hoping to branch out and apply the same stats and movepools, TMs and everything else into Alpha Sapphire (which I also own legitimately). I doubt I could make it work with Gen VII, since it was already a bit of a stretch trying to fit "perfection" into the mold of Gen VI, but I would like to see how this combination works in Hoenn. Is there any way for me to take the stats, TM, move data, etc, and upload it automatically into AS, or, if I wanted to apply these same changes would I have to encode them again? Thanks in advance for your assistance. Obviously, the trainers and wild encounters would have to be different, and I'm okay with that. Again, in a nutshell, my question is Is there a way someone can take a previously edited Pokedex from one Gen VI rom and import it into another? P.S. In case you're worried about how much free time I seem to have, I actually have a wife, kids, a college degree, a house and a stable white collar job, so I'm no shut-in-gamer. I've just been an avid Pokemaniac for 22 years.
  2. Hey, all, Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this question. I'm a huge Pokemaniac who, after 20 years of designing Fakemon, has finally learned about this awesome tool that should allow an individual to hack the source code of the games I love so much. I just have to say, I find the device very intuitive and love the work you have all put into it, but that leads to two major questions: 1. I just got around to testing my Platinum version hack that I've been working on for a few days. I've changed the encounters on the first route and at Lake Verity as well as modified the stats, etc, of all of the Pokemon I want to have available to that point. My ultimate goal is to create a "perfect" Pokemon world, one where every type is balanced, every Pokemon is balanced and every Pokemon is readily available. To this end, I have modified the type compatibility chart to suit my ends. That all seems to work as intended for the first battle. Here's the problem though: After the avatar and the rival get to Lake Verity, the game simply... freezes. The emulator is still running and can be reset to the previous save state, but the game itself will not play past that point. I'm rather despondent and was hoping someone could tell me why the game freezes. I changed the dialogue back to how it originally was (I only made a few changes) and I even tried recompiling the save data, but the game still freezes. 2. Is there a way to read in, say, a text file full of stats and moves into the rom hacker as opposed to typing each datafield by hand? Even if I knew what overlays contained that data and how to manipulate it to my end, I would be satisfied. I'm a professional coder and I can easily handle creating my own backend overlay rewriting code, but I don't really want to enter all of this data again if I have to start over or, say, want to incorporate these stats into other games. Is there a clearly identifiable set of hex pairings, like there was for the typing, that changes a Pokemon's type, movepool, ability, etc, and, if so, how could I manipulate it en masse?
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