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  1. I change the building data on PKHex But it don't work ,when I start the game the building still 1 ★ What's wrong?
  2. I try to google the codes. But Japan player said that need a lost of time to watch TV to know the Clear-Out-Sale. I can wait until you finished create the code.
  3. Thank you , I can play new ... But I'm not sure how to get Lilycove sale .... Do I used wrong codes or something else?
  4. I download the VisualBoyAdvance And used R4 card to get POKEMON_EMER_BPEJ00.gba &POKEMON_EMER_BPEJ00.sav But it's only white.....what wrong?
  5. I only found this...but it's look like need something That looks like it needs something other than Pkhex? I only have the tools in the picture
  6. How to get ''!'' and ''?'' Unown from HGSS ? The PID always wrong . Can I use the RNGReporter to get ! and ? Unown ? p.s. VC G2 's Unown ( A-Z) can use any PID ,so I only need ! and ? Unown for HGSS
  7. Well , I have read that before... Because my Platinum,SoulSilver and Whie2 are genuine DS game cards . I don’t own a cracked 3DS. So I red this one These two methods are not applicable in this scenario. SoulSilver and Whie2 are IR games. But I don't really know what the post ...
  8. Hi everyone, I know how to ↓ 1. Using R4 card to get G3's save . 2. Using 3DS save editor 2 let Gen 6.7 work on Pkhex. But how can I get G4.5 save work on Pkhex? Using EZ flash GBA card or something?
  9. My sapphire & Emerald are getting RTC clock broken. So I using PKHex , R4 flash card , SD card ,GBA Backup Tool to get Berry NO.36~NO.40 Here's the recipe video I find on youtube. But if I don't have 4 GBAs Can I get the perfect Pokéblock by PKHex ?
  10. I'm not sure all steps I find which is right . That's why I hope someone can check the steps for me
  11. So I can just using PkHex , R4 card, SD card, NDSL , gen 3 card (with new battery) ,GBA Backup Tool to fix it? If the answer is yes ,can you teach me what should I do on PKHex ? Or there's any link can read?
  12. Oh ! That's my ability to express is not good. I mean... If my gen 3 card fix battery is dry and I replace a new battery . But it's become the ''Even if you replace the battery it will still only start counting from there and it won't do any time based events until the RTC time exceeds the lastest timestamp of the save file.'' So I can just using PkHex , R4 card, SD card, NDSL , gen 3 card (with new battery) ,GBA Backup Tool to fix it? If the answer is yes ,can you teach me what should I do on PKHex ?
  13. And I find this on reddit. Wow, finally something I can help with! To fix it is fairly simple. You will need a way to rip the save file on your emerald, and a program called PkHeX, which is a save editor for every main series pokemon game. Simply open your emerald save file in PkHex, go to the menu labeled "Clock (RTC)" and simply click reset RTC. If you've never ripped your save file before, there are relatively few ways to do it. I do it with my DS Lite, a flashcart, and a homebrew app called Rudolph's GBA tool. If you have an old action replay DS, the one with the microsd slot, you can run the tool right on there. It might also be possible with Bennvenn's Joey, but I'm not entirely sure. You should also be able to do it with a GBA action replay/gameshark, but again I'm not entirely sure how. It's also using PKHex to fix the glitch.
  14. I mean from 3:06 to 3:19 ,I have no idea what he did... Did he save his game save into the R4 card?
  15. 我發現一個視頻讓我知道如何做到這一點。 但我真的不明白他在03:19做了什麼......
  16. I know the way form GBA / GBA to fix the berry glitch . But one of player in china fix that after change dead battery. He repair it with PKHeX. Here is someone who fix it at 04/19/2018. 於是,我就用NDS燒錄卡的GBA backup tools把存檔備份出來(你也可以自己買SMS記憶棒等東西,或者GBA的dump器來備份存檔),然後用pokeHEX打開存檔,把“起始時間戳0時”設置為0天0時0分0秒,時間戳設置為2018年的當日當時(好像是6000多天),然後再把存檔導回去,用GBA燒錄卡運行那個RTC reader(理論上DStwo的模擬器也行)運行GBA,然後換上綠寶石,把RTC時鐘調成和時間戳時間一致,進入遊戲,立馬時間恢復正常了,樹果也長出來了。 ↑ That's what he/she said It's there someone in your team can speak Chinese or Taiwanese?
  17. OHhhhhhh ! This information is what I need ,thank you so much. Because I want to fix the Berry glitch for my Sapphire and Emerald. So I really need to get saves. I try to understand its operation procedure, can you help me to check? ★ What I need ★ 1. Pokémon Sapphire & Emerald Version (Battery replacement finished) 2. A Nintendo DS Lite 3. A computer (Win 10) 4. A Card-reader 5. 16G micro SD Card (Which can put into the flash card) 6. DS R4 Flash Card ( I can't find the DS Two flash card which as same as yours video. Can I using this?) 7. GBA Super card 8. PkHex 9. GBA Backup Tool.zip 10. RTCread.zip (from here) ★ What I should do ★ 1. Finished steps in the link to get saves in SD card. 2. Using PKHex to fix the save . Changing the initial time to become 0 Days 0 Hrs 0 Min 0 Sec ( PKhex / Clock RTC) 3. Changing the Time Elapsed become Time from 2018 to today Days / Real Hours/ Real Minutes / Real Seconds. ( PKhex / Clock RTC) 4. Click Berry fix. 5. Cover the save file back. 6. Execute the RTC reader program by GBA emulator in GBA Super card. 7.Changing Sapphire or Emerald game cards. Changing the Time become as same as the Time Elapsed. 8. Repair completed !!! But I definitely miss something. Can you help me?
  18. Hello everyone, I am a player from Taiwan. I know how to use PkHex to rewrite my USUM with save editor 2. But I don't know how to get Emerald's main on computer . It's there anything like save editor 2 can help me to change my record? p.s. I also know how to check pokemon form Gen 3 with RNG Reporter .
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