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  1. I change the building data on PKHex But it don't work ,when I start the game the building still 1 ★ What's wrong?
  2. I try to google the codes. But Japan player said that need a lost of time to watch TV to know the Clear-Out-Sale. I can wait until you finished create the code.
  3. Thank you , I can play new ... But I'm not sure how to get Lilycove sale .... Do I used wrong codes or something else?
  4. I download the VisualBoyAdvance And used R4 card to get POKEMON_EMER_BPEJ00.gba &POKEMON_EMER_BPEJ00.sav But it's only white.....what wrong?
  5. I only found this...but it's look like need something That looks like it needs something other than Pkhex? I only have the tools in the picture
  6. How to get ''!'' and ''?'' Unown from HGSS ? The PID always wrong . Can I use the RNGReporter to get ! and ? Unown ? p.s. VC G2 's Unown ( A-Z) can use any PID ,so I only need ! and ? Unown for HGSS
  7. Well , I have read that before... Because my Platinum,SoulSilver and Whie2 are genuine DS game cards . I don’t own a cracked 3DS. So I red this one These two methods are not applicable in this scenario. SoulSilver and Whie2 are IR games. But I don't really know what the post ...
  8. Hi everyone, I know how to ↓ 1. Using R4 card to get G3's save . 2. Using 3DS save editor 2 let Gen 6.7 work on Pkhex. But how can I get G4.5 save work on Pkhex? Using EZ flash GBA card or something?
  9. My sapphire & Emerald are getting RTC clock broken. So I using PKHex , R4 flash card , SD card ,GBA Backup Tool to get Berry NO.36~NO.40 Here's the recipe video I find on youtube. But if I don't have 4 GBAs Can I get the perfect Pokéblock by PKHex ?
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