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  1. No amount of changing settings has helped. Interestingly, on the older version in the OP I was able to get past the sim battle, but then the game crashes whenever I attempt to use a move in the next battle I do.
  2. I tested panic handlers on every version I tested and it had no effect at all. I played the first release of this mod a year and a half ago and it was incredible work, so I'm really hoping I can get an updated version to work, even if it's an older one @StarsMmd
  3. Game crashes as soon as a move is selected in the Metagross v. Gardevoir fight at the very start of the game. I have tried using BOTH versions in the OP but they both have this issue. I have tried using multiple patching programs (including NUPS) with two clean ISOs and I can say with certainty it's not the patching process. Im on the lastest official version the Android version, and my device is capable of running original XD at full, consistent speeds. Any suggestions? Or anyone have any links to previous versions? UPDATE: I have tried just about everything I can think of. I tried an unofficial Android fork of dolphin, didn't work. I dug back through the thread and found "solutions" to this bug and tried it on both the official version and the fork, didn't work. I tried this with both versions of XG in the op, and it's clear that these versions are just broken since the issue is persisting for other people as well, on what I assume is the PC version of dolphin and even on nintendont @StarsMmd
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